11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain

Team Storytap 2017-08-17

The debilitating back pain can be very disabling. It prevents you from completing your everyday chores. It makes you very uneasy and uncomfortable. It mostly arises in the lower back region. Sometimes, it’s attributable to structural deformities while some other times, it’s everyday exertion or accidental injury that leads to it. Here 11 ways by which you can avoid back pain.

1. Develop Correct Posture

Always pay attention to how you sit. Go for chairs with a straight back or those that provide support to your lower back. And make sure your knees are at a higher level than your hips. While standing, make sure your stomach is pulled in and head is up.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


2. Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans

Because they interfere with the way you walk, bend or sit and increase your back pain further rather than reducing it.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


3. Go For A Back Belt While Driving

It’s something that doctors recommend after you consult them. While driving on a rough road tie the back belt or even while doing some heavy work, keep it tied. It provides some relief.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


4. Have The Right Sleeping Position

It’s not recommended to sleep on stomach for those with back pain. Consult the doctor and decide on a sleeping position that works best for you.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


5. Don’t Wear High Heels

They just aggravate your back pain by putting strain on your back and shifting the centre of gravity. Maximum go for a 1-inch heel.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


6. Reduce Your Weight

This is only for those who have put on weight. It’s seen that adding extra pounds does increase back pain.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


7. Keep Aside The Heavy Wallet

When sitting for a long time, keep your heavy wallet away from your pockets. It’s shown to lead to back pain.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


8. Don’t Smoke

Smoking interferes with the functioning of spinal discs. Thus, smokers are more vulnerable to back pain than non-smokers.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


9. Watch How You Lift Objects

It gets very difficult for those with back pain to lift or pull objects. Don’t bend form your waist and lift. Take your time, sit down and lift. Also, push objects while moving them rather than pulling.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


10. Avoid Holding Heavy Handbags

Putting too much pressure on one shoulder can be bad for back pain. Always distribute the weight. Change holding the bag in hands every once in a while.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


11. Exercise

Rest does provide relief from a hurting back. But, sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help that much. Infact, exercise works wonders. It reduces the muscle tension and decreases inflammation. It also improves the blood circulation. Always go for regular exercise.

11 Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain


Follow these tips to prevent back pain or getting relief from the uncomfortable situations caused due to back pain.

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