7 Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Team Storytap 2017-12-07

Often the common options chosen for losing weight are exercise well and diet. It’s not that a difficult task. Neither should you restrict yourself so much that you end up having a very low weight nor should you over-indulge. Best way to start your weight loss schedule is by following some home remedies. Here are a few.

1. Green Tea

Replace the regular milk tea with green tea. Green tea burns fats and is an antioxidant. Consume regularly to achieve maximum benefits. Also, prefer to have it without sugar.

7 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


2. Water

Drink plenty of it. Make a note to drink exactly 3-4 litres a day. Also take into account the water content you will be getting from the food items you eat. The electrolytes in water help a lot in weight loss.

7 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


3. Honey With Plain Yogurt

It is one of the best breakfast or snack items. All your cravings for yummy food will be satiated with this combination.

7 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


4. Bottle Gourd Juice

Add some lime juice to it. It is very good for health. You can drink it by making it cold. Have it as a snack every now and then, you will be delighted with the results.

7 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


5. Cabbage

It helps you burn fats in the thighs or the bellies. The tartaric acid that it contains prevents the conversion of carbs and sugar into fats. Whenever you eat it, make sure you have it as much as one bowl.

7 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


6. Apple cider vinegar

Drink it every morning after mixing it with water. It helps you get rid of all the unwanted fats accumulated in your body.

7 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


7. Sleep well

Sleep for at least 6-7 hours every night. It helps you be relaxed and gives you optimum rest. This in turn lets your body functions run smoothly.

7 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Follow natural methods for weight loss because they are helpful in the long run.

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