7 Simple Ways To Avoid Neck Pain

Team Storytap 2017-08-22

Neck pain is one among the many everyday complaints. It can be very disturbing and affects our everyday functioning. Incorporating a few simple habits can help prevent neck pain. Here are 7 simple steps to avoid neck pain.

1. Adopt A Good Posture

Not only while sitting, have a correct posture while standing too. This means keeping your hips directly aligned to your shoulders, your arms should be close to your body while sitting and ears should be directly above your shoulders. Especially while sitting make sure your limbs are parallel to the floor. You may adjust the chair while sitting.

7 Simple Ways To Avoid Neck Pain


2. While Reading, Keep It At Eye Level

This implies you don’t have to bend down to read it, be it from a computer or a book. Thus, preventing you of the strain that can be caused over time.

7 Simple Ways To Avoid Neck Pain


3. If Sitting/Standing For A Long Time, Do A Couple Of Neck Exercises Every Once In A While

These exercises can be rolling your neck, tilting your head, turning your neck and even, using shoulder circles.

7 Simple Ways To Avoid Neck Pain


4. Take A Break

In line with the above exercises, don’t sit in a constant position or stand in a certain way for a long time. Take some time off, move around and do the above exercises and then, get back to what you were doing.

7 Simple Ways To Avoid Neck Pain


5. Sleeping Posture

Not sleeping enough or sleeping in the wrong way also leads to pain in the neck. Get a good pillow and avoid sleeping on your stomach.

7 Simple Ways To Avoid Neck Pain


6. Stop Using Your Neck As A Support

We have this habit of holding our phone to the ear by tilting our head to a side or pressing our chin against our neck to hold something, avoid it. This puts pressure on shoulders which in turn leads to neck pain.

7 Simple Ways To Avoid Neck Pain


7. Enhance Text Neck

Get rid of being so attached to your smartphone that you always hang your head to operate it. Keep the phone at a viewing angle while texting.

7 Simple Ways To Avoid Neck Pain


Acquire these simple tips and stay away from neck pain.

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