7 Ways To Handle Insomnia

Team Storytap 2017-06-16

How often have you hit the bed but, ended up looking at the ceiling or thinking about all the things that could have been, without any sleep? Insomnia has become quite common. The stressed out lives, always in a hurry to be the best, juggling between maintaining a social life and family life, are to be blamed. Here are a few tips to deal with insomnia.

1. Switch off the gadgets 1 hour before your sleep

The light emanated from the gadgets hamper the sleep cycle. Keep yourself away from the radiation of these gadgets much before you sleep, so that your mind is able to disconnect. Also, sleep in a dark room. Or if you are afraid of the dark use a mild lighting device while sleeping.

7 Ways To Handle Insomnia

2. Don’t prolong your sleep by hitting snooze

This leaves you irritated. Your mind and body become tired as you push yourself to sleep. This isn’t what you wanted ideally.

7 Ways To Handle Insomnia

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3. Don’t drink excessive coffee

Caffeine in any form should be avoided before bedtime. It doesn’t help you sleep, regardless of popular belief. It encourages sleeplessness. Eat light and nutritious food few hours before sleeping.

7 Ways To Handle Insomnia

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4. Keep your mind calm

That’s right you sleep well only with a peaceful mind. A mind full of worries will never give you rest. So, de-stress well before bedtime. Don’t use the sleep time to think. Read something you like, not from Kindle. Go for a physical book!

7 Ways To Handle Insomnia

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5. Stay hydrated

Not drinking enough water leads to the accumulation of toxins in our body. This disrupts certain body functions, and leads to disturbances in sleep. So, drink enough water regularly.

7 Ways To Handle Insomnia

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6. Exercise

This lifts your mood. There is blood circulation and muscle movement. Undoubtedly, the benefits of exercise on the body are many. It has a sound impact on ensuring proper sleep as well.

7 Ways To Handle Insomnia

7. Expose yourself to sunlight

Don’t remain indoors for an entire day. Get outside and let your body soak some vitamin D. This definitely boosts your energy.

7 Ways To Handle Insomnia

Insomnia is a nightmare. It is a bane. Your health is hampered if you don’t get enough sleep. You will suffer from declined productivity, reduced concentration, headaches, and fluctuations in blood pressure. Thus, insomnia affects both physical and mental health. Get rid of it for a good night’s sleep.

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