7 Yoga Asana for Beginners

Team Storytap 2017-11-17

While beginning to do yoga, you might fall many times. It’s okay as nobody expects you to master the poses in one go. Yoga is all about developing flexibility, strength and balance. Practicing it everyday is very good for health. Here are 7 yoga asanas for beginners.

1. Downward Facing Dog Pose

Sit on your heels on a mat. Lower your head as you stretch your arms forward. Push your hands, raise your hips and form a table. Strengthen your legs. Pressing your heels down, allow your head to hang freely and tighten your waist.

7 Yoga Asana for Beginners


2. Side Angle

Press back heel firmly into the mat. Lengthen from the back heel to the finger tips.

7 Yoga Asana for Beginners


3. Blaster

Take a deep bend in the front leg. The back hip should be relaxed. As you stretch, sink down deep into it.

7 Yoga Asana for Beginners


4. Tree Pose

Right foot should be placed high up on the left thigh. Make sure the sole of the foot is flat and it is placed firmly. Left leg should be straight and find balance. Lift your arms over your head as you breathe in and your palms should be brought together. Keeping your spine straight, take a few deep breaths. Breathe out gradually. Hands should be brought down and right leg should be released. As you get back to the standing position alternate the legs and repeat.

7 Yoga Asana for Beginners


5. Extended Leg A, B and C

Four corners of your standing foot should be felt, rooting down, heart lifts, shoulder down.

7 Yoga Asana for Beginners


6. Shoulder Stand

Raise your legs straight towards the up. Facing up, place your hands on the upper back. Breathe slowly as you do so.

7 Yoga Asana for Beginners


7. Table Top

Palms and feet should be pressed down. As you lift, lengthen through the tailbone.

7 Yoga Asana for Beginners


As a beginner don’t over-do. Stop it and relax if you feel too much pressure. Yoga calms you and makes you more positive.

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