8 Tips To Improve Digestive System

Team Storytap 2017-12-26

From a headache to a stomach-ache, a poor digestive system can suffer your health in every manner. Digestive system is where it all begins; you won’t produce energy, fight illnesses, have a good mood, if you can’t digest properly. Therefore, a better body health requires properly working digestive system. Your lifestyle and habits of eating affects the digestive system significantly. Try these simple yet powerful tips to improve your digestion and overall health-

1. Drink Lots Of Water

Water is a very crucial element for digestion. Drinking plenty of water is good for digestive health since we need water to absorb nutrients and fibres properly. If you drink less amount of water, dehydration may degrade the performance of the entire body which consequently leads to problems like low blood pressure and constipation etc. So, stay hydrated!

2. Add Probiotics To Your Diet

Probiotics is friendly bacteria living in our digestive system. These bacteria, present in the intestine aid you in digestion, which means breaking down the foods we eat and help prevent infection and chronic diseases. Probiotics can be found in the raw fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi or cultured vegetables etc. Therefore, incorporating probiotics in your food will strengthen the digestive system.

3. Chew Thoroughly

Chewing is where the process of digestion starts. Digestion of carbohydrates starts with saliva, which is crucial for digestion. Most people don’t chew the food completely and hence make it hard to digest. So, Chewing is the key to success of digestion.

4. Change Your Eating Habits

The way you eat greatly influences the health of your digestive systems. First of all, Try to eat the food according to a fixed schedule to keep your digestive system in proper shape. Always Eat in a relaxed environment and focus on just eating while eating, don’t look at your phone or TV at the time of eating.

5. Have A High Fibre Diet

Consuming a high fibre is beneficial for your digestive health. In addition, fibre regulate the blood sugar level, prevents constipation and reduces cholesterol levels. Moreover, It will help you achieve and maintain your desired weight.

6. Detoxify From Time To Time

Adding a gentle detox in your routine can help you a lot in digestion. Detoxification is important on a regular basis, as it resets your digestive system and helps in good results. Aloe Vera, Amla juice, milk with turmeric powder are great detox for the digestive system.

7. Manage Stress

Well stress doesn’t only desolate the mind, but it creates chaos in your stomach too. They are directly related. Simple meditation, pranayama, soothing music can help you overcome stress.

8. Exercise

Another thing to keep your digestive system on good track is a regular daily exercise. Abdominal muscles need to be strong for proper digestion. Crunches, the simple exercise you can do to improve the health of your inner system and also your outer appearance. Simple Walking is also helpful in improving digestion.

It’s not what you eat, it’s what you digest. Even if you are eating the best food, its benefits are damped down by poor digestion. Therefore, stick to these simple tips and maintain the good health of your digestive system.

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