Aerobic Exercises Which You Can Do At Home

Team Storytap 2017-11-28

Aerobic exercises are physical exercises of low to high potency that primarily depends on the aerobic energy-generating process. They demand the use of oxygen to meet the energy requirements while exercising. People generally join classes to regularly perform some or the other aerobic exercise. But, there are exercises that you can do at home too. Here are a few such aerobic exercises.

1. Skipping

You need a skipping rope. Stand straight and hold the rope with hands and keep them behind your body. Keep the hands at least 1 foot away from your body. Hop over the rope as you swing it forward. Let the rope move behind your body. Use your toes to jump. Move your hands and wrists along with the handles.

Aerobic Exercises Which You Can Do At Home


2. Mountain Climbers

In plank position, lie on the floor. Balance your wrists with your body. From head to toe, your body should be straight. Bend your left knee in the direction of your chest, keeping your lower back curved. Hold onto this position for 2 seconds and then, return to your starting position. Repeat quickly with your right leg.

Aerobic Exercises Which You Can Do At Home


3. Jumping Jack

Stretch your legs and arms well before you are about to begin. Stand straight and let your arms rest beside your body. Keep your feet together. Bend your knees slightly and jump as high as you can in the air. Your legs should be spread out wider than your shoulders while jumping. In line with the shoulders, stretch your hands. Your feet should rest on the floor while coming down at shoulder width while your hands are above the head and stretched out.

Aerobic Exercises Which You Can Do At Home


4. High Knee March

Stand straight. Your feet should be together while hands should be alongside your body. Lift one foot at a time and let your knees come till your waist. At the same time, move the alternating hands, such as right hand with left knee.

Aerobic Exercises Which You Can Do At Home


5. Spot Jogs

It can be well understood as jogging in a place. It has a very good benefit of burning a lot of calories fast.

Aerobic Exercises Which You Can Do At Home


6. Squat Jumps

Stand straight and spread out your feet as wide apart as your shoulders. Rest your hands on the sides of your body. Stretch your hands parallel to the floor in line with your chest and push yourself in the position of a squat. Jump up after pushing in your core muscles. Simultaneously lift up your hand above your head. While landing back on the floor, make sure you are in a squat.

Aerobic Exercises Which You Can Do At Home


7. Dancing

It is a great fitness exercise. Be it belly dancing, zumba or bhangra, any form of dance makes you flexible and tones up your body.

Aerobic Exercises Which You Can Do At Home


So, next time you get busy and are not able to make it to the gym, try these exercises at home and make the most of your gym-less days.

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