8 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Workout

Team Storytap 2017-08-25

Definitely, Workout makes you stronger, physically as well as mentally. It reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer and depression. But, there are some stupid mistakes which almost everyone of you make and sabotage your workout. Going to the gym everyday with the hope for fast and good results; however, not getting the same because these pitfalls are hampering your workout progress. Its difficult to figure out the mistakes in daily life routine, same applies for the workout. To get fast results, to save time and health, prevent yourself from making these mistakes and make your workout effective-

1. Skipping Warm Up

There’s a reason why health experts recommend warm up before the workout. You want to save time by skipping warm up and basic stretches, however this time saving is actually leading to dreadful consequences for your body. Medium intensity warm up activities prepare your body and nervous system for the upcoming physical stress. Warm up exercise may, however, vary depending on your workout.

8 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Workout

2. Concentration On A Single Body Part

This is another common workout mistake you should avoid. Your body is a tedious machine working on various levels and working on a single level can reduce the balance of the body. If you want to achieve the desired results, then concentrate on the whole body workout rather than working out for a specific body part.

3. Not Feeding Your Body After An Arduous Workout

It is really an injustice to our body muscles, if we don’t feed them after some time of backbreaking workout. It is crucial to eat some good protein and carbs after 30 minutes of the workout.

4. Exercising Too Long Or Too Frequently

Everything, that is more than required, is dangerous to us. Too much exercise can also backfire our body in many ways. Our body needs the time to recover between different sessions. Consequently leaving you more exhausted than energized. Also, Many researches show that too frequent high intensity training can harm your body.

8 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Workout

5. Ignoring Sleep

Your body needs adequate sleep, don’t sacrifice your sleep for an early morning workout. Disrupted sleep cycles may result in growing cancer by altering hormone levels. However, early morning exercise is recommended for fat burning, but 20 minutes of high intensity workout is enough for good results.

6. Cardio Before Lifts

Cardio exercises are crucial part of any person’s workout, but doing the same at the wrong times is malefic for your health. Since, lifts require more concentration and optimum performance of muscles. Doing cardio before lifts can exhaust your body and may sabotage the results.

8 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Workout

7. Incorrect Techniques

You might have heard of the problem of lower back pain after deadlifts or any other exercise. This is due to improper technique of the workout. It is essential to have an experienced trainer at least for beginner stages. The trainer will be able to conduct right postures and effective results. Therefore, to reduce body pain and detrimental results, we need proper techniques.

8. Skipping Stretching

Last but not the least, stretching at the end of workout is as important as warm up at the beginning. No matter what sort of workout routine you follow, whether it is aerobic, gymnastic or weightlifting, stretch out is crucial for your health. Most people spend too much time sitting throughout the day, which leads to structural changes in your body. Stretch out helps in correcting the same.

8 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Workout

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