Easy To Follow Weight Loss Diet

Team Storytap 2017-12-14

Losing weight isn’t always about being too harsh on yourself. It’s not only about counting and cutting down calories. Sometimes, you need to just make some simple changes in your everyday diet to achieve your desired weight loss. Given below is an easy to follow diet for weight loss.

First of all, make a plan that you should be having 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks everyday. Each should be 3 hours apart from the other. That’s it.

1. Morning breakfast

Opt for oats or scramble some eggs with onion and capsicum. Prefer green tea or black coffee. You can have some fruits too such as a few pieces of cut pineapple or melon.

Easy To Follow Weight Loss Diet


2. Mid-morning snack

Go for nuts and 1 whole of a fruit such as an orange or apple.

Easy To Follow Weight Loss Diet


3. Lunch

Have a balanced diet. Minimize the amount of rice you eat. You can have a combination of rice, roti, dal and a curry or a fry. Avoid oily and spicy food.

Easy To Follow Weight Loss Diet


4. Afternoon snack

Again have some nuts and 1 whole fruit.

Easy To Follow Weight Loss Diet


5. Evening snack

Have a salad. Prefer meat or the combination of vegetables that you like.

Easy To Follow Weight Loss Diet


6. Dinner

Roti and any fry or curry that is light.

Easy To Follow Weight Loss Diet


Alongwith this, always drink plenty of water throughout the day. This ensures you remain hydrated. Make a note that you are having 5 servings of vegetables throughout the day. Reduce your consumption of sweets as dessert. How about a fruits or nuts for dessert? Also, indulge in regular fitness regime. Eating at regular intervals is better than starving for long time. You can give yourself a break and indulge in weekends but, keep a check on the portions you eat. Lastly, never force yourself beyond a point to lose weight. Just plan your meals, go to bed early and wake up early and follow a diet plan you are comfortable with, you will be delighted with the results.

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