How To Lose Weight Naturally

Team Storytap 2017-09-07

There is a lot of information out there about losing weight. But, most of those recommendations are debatable. Losing weight naturally has its own perks because you don’t have to make any major changes in your lifestyle. Small modifications here and there and you will be delighted with the results. Here are some tips about how to lose weight naturally.

1. Consume Proteins

Protein is a vital nutrient. A high-protein diet makes you feel full. 3-4 oz portions of protein per meal are recommended.

How To Lose Weight Naturally


2. Drink Green Tea

It’s very common to get addicted to the usual milk tea. But, green tea has its own benefits. Being rich in antioxidants, it burns fats and increases energy expenditure.

How To Lose Weight Naturally


3. Include More Vegetables And Fruits In The Food That You Eat Everyday

They are rich in fiber, nutrients and water content. Their energy density is quite low so, you can have them in large servings.

How To Lose Weight Naturally


4. Drink Plenty Of Water

Recommended water consumption per day is 4-6 litres and this includes the water content in the food that we eat too. Stay hydrated.

How To Lose Weight Naturally


5. Get Sound Sleep

Our body needs atleast 6-8 hours of sleep to function effectively. You feel refreshed and relaxed too when you get good sleep.

How To Lose Weight Naturally


6. Indulge In Cardio Exercises

They can be as simple as walking, cycling, jogging or running. Do any of these for sometime everyday. To make it less monotonous and more fun, join a group or class.

How To Lose Weight Naturally


7. Avoid Refined Carbs

They are poor in fiber and nutrient content. These include white bread, white flour, white rice, pasta, added sugar, sweets, sodas, pastries and breakfast cereals.

How To Lose Weight Naturally


8. Include Spices In Your Meals

Jalapenos and chilli peppers contain capsaicin which increases burning of fat and boosts metabolism.

How To Lose Weight Naturally


Though these steps look simple but, they go a long way in helping you lose weight. Also, don’t obsess over counting calories every other day or even don’t be too harsh on yourself and avoid certain food items altogether in one go. Be slow. Try to make it your habit ‘not to’ indulge in what and ‘to’ indulge in what and losing weight will become much easier.

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