6 Ways To Reduce & Avoid Back Pain

Team Storytap 2017-08-29

No doubt our work schedule has become really tight nowadays. We are busy to an extent where we have no idea about where our time goes. In rush of work and time we forget that we are mere humans and hence it is important to take care of our mind and bodies. Hectic work schedule , doing daily work in wrong postures, less exercise , eating irregularly and many other bad habits can cause back pain. At times this pain gets unbearable. From a sour light pain it can chain into the disastrous one. But do not worry we are here to help you out. These are some back pain remedies which will help you keep a track of your good health.

1. Correct Sleeping Posture

Never lay flat on the back rather establish a habit of sleeping on your sideways. It is the correct posture for a sound sleep. Support your bottom part of the body by placing a pillow between your legs. If you choose to sleep with your stomach down always keep a pillow under your lower abdomen so that your back is relieved from stress and less pressure is exerted on it. Choose an ideal mattress so that a proper symmetry from head to toe is maintained. Always align your nose with the centre of your body. For back sleepers placing pillow below beneath the knees is helpful .Keeping a correct sleeping posture will help you avoid or reduce backaches.

6 Ways To Reduce & Avoid Back Pain


2. Fix A Workout Schedule

Exercising daily is an all rounder. Not only it helps you reduce back ache but also keeps you healthy and fit in every possible way. Experts say that regular exercising eases muscle tension. It keeps you active and maintains the correct weight. A Bulky body is again a cause of back pain so watch out for the fact that you don't gain extra pounds. Working out opens up the muscles, gives you strength and refreshes your body. You can have a good sleep after your workout session.

6 Ways To Reduce & Avoid Back Pain


3. If You Smoke Then Quit It Without A Single Thought

''Smoking kills!'' , how many of us have heard or read this? I guess all of us but are the people who need to follow this actually follow? Constant smokers have higher chances of back pain in comparison to the ones who do not smoke. Smoking disturbs the blood circulation and decreases the functioning ability of lungs. Experts say that smoking narrows the blood vessels which cause you back pain. So if you don't want to have a back ache quit smoking or else it could make the matter worse.

6 Ways To Reduce & Avoid Back Pain


4. Maintain Right Posture

While at work or watching Television or doing any other kind of work make sure you sit with an erect back. Slouching while working can damage the back bone in the longer run as either the body will adapt that shape or will cause of a backache. So sit right. If you are doing work while sitting for longer periods just take a break and do some stretching. It will release the tension and will give you relaxation.

6 Ways To Reduce & Avoid Back Pain


5. Be Careful As You Lift

Do not directly bend over the object to pick it rather squat and bend while you pick something. This will not exert pressure on your back and picking the object will become an easier task. Never go for objects that are outside your reach.

6 Ways To Reduce & Avoid Back Pain


6. Eat Good To Stay Good

Increase the intake of Calcium and Vitamin D. Add these 2 in your diet so that you can live a healthy lifestyle. Take more of milk products like cottage cheese, yogurt or the milk itself in order to increase the calcium intake. For Vitamin D you can have vitamin D capsules, cheese, egg yolks and fatty fish. Having these in your diet will surely prevent you from having a back ache. Keep the bones in your spine healthy and strong by imbibing calcium and vitamin D rich food in your diet.

6 Ways To Reduce & Avoid Back Pain


Follow these habits and give yourself an assurance of having no backache. We are the maker and ultimately we are the breaker. Our health depends on our daily habits. More the good habits healthier would be a person. Therefore, looking after ourselves should be our prime job. STAY HEALTHY STAY FIT!

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