A Brief History Of Regular Things In Your Daily Life

Vaishnavi Kamble 2017-12-26

Have you ever made eggs, and wondered what came first, chicken or egg? Well no one knows for sure. But here is a brief history about some of the things that we regularly use in our daily life.

1. Tooth Brush

Before that they used a rough cloth and some water. People who cared more about their dental hygiene used salt and/or charcoal. Ancient Egyptians split the end of twigs to brush their teeth. In the 15th century the Chinese used bear hairs attached to the end of a twig to brush teeth. This idea was later adopted by William Addis in 1780. The idea however did not gain popularity and flopped, until the 19th century, when everything was bright and shiny, and so were the teeth.

A Brief History Of Regular Things In Your Daily Life


2. Elastic Bands

Fun fact, rubber bands contract on heating, and expand on cooling. Mix a hallucinogen ( morning glory), and latex, voila you have rubber. At least that’s what the ancient Mayans used for whatever they needed. On March 17, 1845, Stephen Perry patented rubber bands made out of vulcanized rubber to hold papers and envelopes together.

A Brief History Of Regular Things In Your Daily Life


3. Bricks

The first true sun dried arc was made in 4000 BC in Iraq (then Mesopotamia). Obviously, the arc did not survive that long. What did survive though, were descriptions of the first known method of using sundried mud. Later Chinese were known to make fire dried bricks out of clay about some 3000 years ago.

A Brief History Of Regular Things In Your Daily Life


4. Tooth Paste

The tooth paste was used b the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, etc. Hardcore people from the past made toothpastes with powder of ox hooves' ashes and burnt eggshells that was combined with pumice. People who wanted the dragons breath like The Greeks and Romans favored more abrasiveness and their toothpaste ingredients included crushed bones and oyster shells. Romans thought that having a fresh breath would get more attention so they added flavouring. And after much minty work, colgate started using jars to provide people with toothpaste. People would drop some paste directly in the mouth and brush teeth and the entire digestive system along with them.

A Brief History Of Regular Things In Your Daily Life


5. The Clock

Peter Henlein (August 1542), a locksmith and clockmaker of Nuremberg, Germany, is often considered the inventor of the watch. It’s a mystery as to how the first time ever recorded was on what basis. However though, time was running out so people decided to make a device that helped them to track time. So Theodosius of Bithynia made a universally accepted sundial that could be used anywhere n the earth (ca. 160 BCE-ca. 100 BCE ). The romans adopted the greek sundial, back in the good ol’ days (293 B). the first mechanical clock was however made by Christian Huygens, and is solely credited for inventing it (17th century.)

A Brief History Of Regular Things In Your Daily Life



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