10 Lesser Known Facts About Salt

Team Storytap 2017-11-13

Salt is a material used in every kind of food, whether it is Chinese or Indian. Salt is a thing whose presence is hardly noticed, but its absence in food, no one can bear it. Salt is an item present on every household table. Apart from its taste adding property to food, it has many other uses which are however, hardly known to anyone. Check the following lesser known and interesting uses of salt which makes it ultra useful-

1. Clean Your Vegetables

Do you know, salt has antimicrobial properties. Use a small amount of salt in water to clean your vegetables with this solution. Isn’t it an inexpensive way to clean your veggies.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Salt

2. Get Rid Of Onion Smell

One of the easiest and most convenient way to get rid of the awful smell of onion from your hands uses salt. First of all wet your hands, then tub some table salt on your hands and wash them off.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Salt

3. Cleaning Wood

Mix a pinch of salt to warm water and clean the furniture by using a washcloth. Wipe it again with a dry cloth and you will be surprised to see the unexpected results.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Salt

4. Eliminate Odour From Shoes,Almirahs Etc

The smell coming from shoes or cupboards is actually very embarrassing. You can place a packet of salt in shoes, racks, cupboards, almirahs etc. To remove the old and foul smells.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Salt

5. For Stronger And Whiter Teeth

I think it’s a more common and easily available thing to find salt in your toothpaste. However, if you add a small amount of natural salt to your toothpaste, while brushing your teeth, it will result in less dental problems and more shining teeth. Another alternative is to use salt in mustard oil and then massage your gums and teeth with this paste will keep them strong and free from dental problems.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Salt

6. Keep Ants Away

Sprinkle some salt around drains, kitchen slabs and other areas prone to ants to shoo them away. Ants are highly repelled by the salt and they will go away on their own.

7. Shine Up Your Kitchen Sink

- It is among the best uses of salt to sparkle up the sink. If it is not shiny, then prepare a paste of table salt with lemon juice and wash the sink. The result of this wash will be a sink resembling a new one.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Salt

8. Get Relief From A Mosquito Bite

Mosquito bites are very irritating and itchy. Just wet your fingertip, dip it into the table salt and rub over the mosquito bite. Observe the quick relief. Easy?

9. Salt For Beauty

Apply salt water mixture on the pimple to shrink it without even leaving a mark behind. In addition to this, salt is an exceptionally good toner which can detoxify the pores which can ultimately control the oil production in your skin.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Salt

10. For Keeping Milk Fresh

Sounds improbable, doesn’t it? But it’s true, by adding a pinch of salt to milk you can extend the life of your milk.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Salt

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