10 Things You Must Do In College

Team Storytap 2017-07-18

College life is something that we can never get back. So we always try to make the most of those days. It’s the only time you can explore and experiment as much as you want. Breaking a few rules here and there and getting out of your comfort zone is very important to make the most out of the college days. Add these things to your bucket list before you graduate.

1. Sneak Into The Prohibited/Restricted Areas

They provide you with the most adventurous memories ever. Sometimes you tend to discover really amazing things which you may have never thought to exist.

10 Things You Must Do In College


2. Pull As Many One Nighters As You Can

Remember you have the whole life for ‘early to bed and early to rise’. So, if you are in a hostel you will eventually be accustomed to staying up late and it’s okay. Make the most of them.

10 Things You Must Do In College


3. Never Miss A Single Fest On Campus

Once you get outside you will never get to experience all such fests for free. Even if you are charged for attending them it is much lesser than the entry fees of such events in the outside world. Attending events of various cultures even improves your knowledge a bit.

10 Things You Must Do In College


4. Also, Dance The Night Away In Every Dj Night On Campus

Free DJ nights and that to so many times a year only happen in colleges. Let your hair down in every such DJ night. Study hard before that so that you can completely enjoy it.

10 Things You Must Do In College


5. Be Part Of As Many Clubs As You Can

Gradually take up the leadership positions. You will get to learn a lot.

10 Things You Must Do In College


6. Make The Most Of Your Student Id

Most student ID cards are eligible for discounts at a number of places such as in certain restaurants or while booking travel tickets. Be aware of all such uses of your ID card and make the most of them.

10 Things You Must Do In College


7. Go For That Exchange Program

Learn all the universities around the world that your institute has a partnership with and avail exchange programs if any. You will get a very good exposure.

10 Things You Must Do In College


8. Take Part In A Protest If You Support The Cause

You will get to know the way it is all organized and what really happens.

10 Things You Must Do In College


9. Go For A Trip With Your College Friends

You will for sure make memories for a lifetime. Try exploring the campus. You may get to know places that you never would have noticed. Or go for a trip to a nearby place.

10 Things You Must Do In College


10. Have As Many Group Discussions As You Can

Gather a group of like minded friends and devote sometime with them for serious study discussions. You will see that you will remember the most from exchanging ideas during this activity.

10 Things You Must Do In College


Moreover, make the time you spend on campus worthwhile and memorable.

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