18 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 18

Team Storytap 2017-07-16

It's not until you've grown up, that you realize how precious the carefree days of your childhood were. For most of us, the 18th birthday is an exciting affair. Legally a grown up, and legally bound to act like a grown up, 18 is surely a special age in the diaries of our lives. It's only after this, that you finally realize the depth of life, and the struggles that face you. Well here are 18 things you must do before D-Day, that would definitely prepare you for the years coming, in ways more than one.

1. Save Up

True, spending money on things we love is exciting and has a thrill of it's own. But we must inculcate the habit of saving up since we're young, as the significance of being 18 would also bring with it, independence. Before you even know it, you'll be wrapped in bills, rents and fees. It's never too early to start saving up, or too early to work for your own home and car. So even if you're nowhere near to it, get into the habit the habit of saving up as soon as you can.

2. Sing For A Crowd

Come on, get the courage, defeat the stage fright! Because soon enough, you're gonna have to face interviews, give presentations, lead debates. Though it's not the same as singing at a karaoke for about a hundred people, remembering the one time you gathered the courage to do it will certainly give you a boost of confidence. Also because it's fun and will give you loads of memories to share with your kids or remember with friends.

3. Learn To Play A Musical Instrument

Music is in your soul. Whenever you're sad or happy, music reaches out to you first. Wouldn't it be just better, if it's your own? Pick up a guitar and play for your love, or put on a show with your piano at your sister's wedding. And also, having a talent with the strings or the keys or whatever you feel like playing, will certainly help you when you're the fresher at the university. You would slay at the college fest, trust me.

4. Be Spontaneous

Be shocking for once. Cut off your long waist length hair for a pixie maybe, or hit the gym and flaunt your new fitness. Mediocre is never cool, know that.

5. Make a Music Video With Friends

Gather all of your talented friends and create an actual music video, or just one with you and your gang goofing around. It will be super fun to make, and watching it after years will definitely be an awesome experience.

6. Earn Some Money By Yourself

Find some useful internship or help out a start-up by spreading word, or maybe sell some handmade art. Put the vacations to good use. You'll feel better, finding yourself being productive instead of going through memes on Instagram all day. And also, your own money! You'd feel so, so proud.

7. Make Someone Smile

Give a Kit-Kat to the little kid on the street, or donate clothes and books to an orphanage. The smiles on their faces will make you smile more genuinely than the new video game you made your dad buy for you.

8. Attend A Music Concert

The euphoria of watching your favourite artist performing right before your eyes, the feverish passion of bouncing on your toes for hours, it's an amazing thing to experience for once.

9. Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I don't know how people grow up without watching the most iconic TV Series ever, and if you're one of them, trust me, it's just better on the other side. Along with making you laugh in a way most other shows don't, it'll also teach you a thing or two about friendship and love.

10. Read Harry Potter

Again, I don't know how people who never read Harry Potter grow up, but come on, I'm sure it's better on the other side. Even if you're not much of a reader, this story deserves your attention. It'll teach you bravery, and how important it is to stand for what you believe in.

11. Learn To Cook

No, you don't need to win at Master Chef, but one must know how to cook basic food. Many of you would go to hostels, live away from family for work or by choice, and knowing how to cook always helps.

12. Get Into A Fitness Routine

It's easier to settle into habits, the younger you are. Go tunning thrice a week, do your swimming, learn yoga. Whatever you enjoy, but get into the habit. A healthy lifestyle never goes waste.

13. Have A Sleepover

Honestly, a whole night with friends, gossiping or playing truth or dare, or maybe making something you saw on Pinterest? Who would say no to that? It's amazing fun, besides, it teaches you living with people outside family, and that's an extremely important thing to know for once you're on your own.

14. Get One Perfect Picture With All Perfect People Of Your Life

You and your friends are gonna grow up, choose different fields, careers, move to other cities and even countries. Life does not allow things to stay the way they are for long, but hey, your camera does. Don't be shy and ask all the people you value for one picture that you'll always remember them by.

15. Learn A Foreign Language

Learning a language, is much more than just that. It's learning about a culture, a country, it's people. Also, we're Indians, let's not forget the first thing that comes to our mind when anyone mentions learning a new language. You can cuss and the other one won't even have an idea. Download Duolingo from the playstore on your android mobile, and get your lazy ass to work.

16. Confess To A Crush

Sure, it's something to remember even if you do it as a grown up, but wouldn't it lose the fun element? Kids are allowed to be weird, adults are not. So gather the courage, ask out that cute guy in your class. Even if you make a complete fool of yourself, you at least kept no stone unturned, eh?

17. Meet A Person You Became Friends With Online

Sometimes, our online friends are in fact, the best people we've ever come across. They'll be up at 3 am talking to you, even when your bestfriend is snoring. And also, getting to observe how people are offline as compared to their offline presence is interesting.

18. Find A Passion

Choosing a career is different from finding a passion. There's no guarantee that the career you choose for yourself at 18 is the best one for you, and you just have to let life unfold itself. Finding a passion would mean something you would care for, so much that you'd make a difference for it. You could be passionate about an art, a person or even a place. If you don't mind sacrificing sleep for that one novel which has got you hooked to it, you've found your passion. If you don't mind helping your best friend out, even when you're supposed to be with someone else, you've found your passion. Find the one thing or person you don't want to let go of. Being passionate really does make you a better person, and fighting for your passion gives a purpose to life.

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