4 Reasons To Watch 'Eye Candy' This Weekend

Mirudhulaa Padmanaban 2017-11-10

Eye Candy debuted with lackluster rating and sadly things haven’t seemed to improve much ending up being cancelled with just the first season. Here’s 4 reasons why we need to start spreading the word about this hidden treasure they’re probably missing.

1. Girl Love!

If you are tired where women need to be rescued or killed by the bad guys to create more pain for the male protagonist, well you are at the right place. Our leading lady is quite the badass.She is definitely her own here and that’s more than enough for us to get excited.

4 Reasons To Watch 'Eye Candy' This Weekend


2. Adult Audience

Eye Candy is a tense gruesome and disturbing drama based on R.L.Stine’s novel of the same name. There are several scenes of graphic murders and photos of mutilated bodies. There is also a creepy voice-over where the main character Lindy is always stalked and toyed by the Flirtual killer.

4 Reasons To Watch 'Eye Candy' This Weekend


3. Supporting Characters

The supporting casts are simply great and they add more masala, sass and humor. They also make the central character Lindy to stay grounded.

4 Reasons To Watch 'Eye Candy' This Weekend


4. Amazing Cast

The cast is grown closer with each other through the season and that’s clearly seen on-screen as well.

4 Reasons To Watch 'Eye Candy' This Weekend


If you don’t trust me, watch it yourself. You can thank me later. It’s really a shame that the show got cancelled.


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