5 Disney Male Characters

Mirudhulaa Padmanaban 2018-01-09

We might have loved the Disney princesses growing up. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the handsome men and whole lot more. We will be looking at the 5 best Disney Male Character that the mouse house has to offer.

1. Simba | Lion King

Lions may be ferocious but they are darn cute when they are all big paws and eyes. As ‘Circle of Life’ music fades away, we meet this cutie. As a kid, he is equally endearing and gets competition from his best little friend, Nala.
As he watched his father (Mufasa) die in front of his eyes, this young cub is unable to understand why his father won’t wake up at first and however it doesn’t take long for him to accept the truth.

5 Disney Male Characters


2. Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert | Tangled(2010)

Flynn Rider is funny and probably a lot smarter than almost anyone else in this list. He is modern sarcastic hero we all have been waiting for. Well, there’s that whole thief thing to his resume but he soon renounces his illegal hobby and become better person after he ‘see the light’.

5 Disney Male Characters


3. Hercules | Hercules (1997)

Blandly blond AND a bodybuilder? I’ve mostly ranked him higher than John, Phoebus, and Gaston because I like his nose better. All that art history gave me a bit of a thing for Greek noses. Plus, whatever the flaws of the mythological Hercules in that regard, the Disney Hercules does have great taste in ladies. Even though he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, He is a kind, loyal guy and he’s got great friends. When we say that this guy is built like a god, we are not exaggerating.

5 Disney Male Characters


4. The Beast/Adam | Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Is it awkward when I preferred the Beast when he was, well, a Beast? Due to his spoilt and unkind ways, this prince was given a beastly exterior to match his personality. The only way to break this spell is if he learns to love another and earns her love in return before the last petal from the magical rose writs off.

5 Disney Male Characters


5. Aladdin | Aladdin (1992)

Well, Aladdin’s got a great smile for starters and definitely knows how to make an entrance. Aladdin’s story from rags to riches had us dreaming for ‘a whole new world’ since then. He’s got that damn smile and swag. He’s got a best companion in the form of Abu. He’s got a magical flying carpet and a genuie.What more could he possibly want? OH, he’s got the girl too.

5 Disney Male Characters



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