5 Health Benefits Of Almonds

Mohini Sardar 2017-10-06

Health is wealth! Therefore, if you want to be healthy, you must know the right things to eat. Almonds - one of the major dry fruits, should be an essential part of your daily diet.
Here's why :

1. Almonds Help In Losing Weight

The most important property of almonds is that they help you maintain your calorie intake. Losing weight is a struggle for so many people today. Now you know what to eat in order to get healthy. Almonds decrease your hunger, but it gives proteins and fibres to the body, which ensures less amount of carbs and more amount of proteins and fibres in the body.

5 Health Benefits Of Almonds


2. Good For The Skin

Almonds also help in maintaining your complexion as it is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps in nourishing the cells, and prevents the skin from being tanned. Almonds also help in softening the skin, and adds a glowing tinge to it.

5 Health Benefits Of Almonds


3. Promotes Hair Growth

Almonds also help in accelerating the hair growth. High in biotin, it helps nourish the hair and makes the scalp healthier. It also removes dandruff and makes the hair softer. Almond oils should be used if one is having problems regarding hair growth.

5 Health Benefits Of Almonds


4. Should Be Eaten During Pregnancy

Almonds provide fibres, which is often recommended by doctors to pregnant women. It helps the mother in digestion and curbs constipation. It also helps curb birth defects. Therefore, it must be in the list of every pregnant women.

5 Health Benefits Of Almonds


5. Aids Diabetic Patients

Research has shown, almonds are really good for people with diabetes. It helps in decreasing the blood sugar and insulin levels of the body. It also maintains the cholesterol levels of the body.

5 Health Benefits Of Almonds


Go grab some almonds now and live healthy and longer. Do not intake it excessively though.10-20 almonds per day should be an optimum amount to have.


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