5 Roomie-Code That We Solemnly Swear To Follow

Mirudhulaa Padmanaban 2017-10-05

Dearest roomie (or room-mate)

Hello, my roomie. How have you been? Before we begin to rattle off about our day like we always do, here are five roommate codes that we swear solemnly to be following.

1. Someone Once Told Me That Good Things Are Meant To Be Shared

There is no such thing as borrowing and returning in this hostel-room, we call home. Nothing is ever yours or mine. We have shared our pocket money to buy something and plan our friends’ birthday parties. Did I forget sharing of our clothes? Well, it’s technically stealing.

5 Roomie-Code That We Solemnly Swear To Follow


2. You Know Every Little Detail Of My Life, But I Know My Secrets Are Safe With You

Cause I too hold many dirty little secret of yours. And our endless list of crushes. I have seen your eyes beaming and twinkling, when that casual shirt guy walks into the corridor. You should seriously consider carrying tissues with you, given the amount of drooling you do over him.

5 Roomie-Code That We Solemnly Swear To Follow


3. The Crazy Banter About All The Sinking Relation-Ships Till 2 Am

Talking about anything and everything at any hour and dancing like no one is watching (and judging you) for all the upbeat numbers and cheesy romantic movies.
Trust me, I am not judging you cause you and I will literally be the last person to judge each other.

5 Roomie-Code That We Solemnly Swear To Follow


4. Our Problems Are Mine And Vice-Versa

From that monthly once visit from our old friend- the blood monster (‘that time of the month”) to that creepy stalker of yours, I will be there with chocolates and lame jokes to crack you up.

5 Roomie-Code That We Solemnly Swear To Follow


5. One Simple Look At Each Other And Everything Is Understood

Because we don’t need words to express what is going on, just that one glance speaks millions. I know every dirty little meaning behind your carefully laid-out words and don’t even get me started on our inside jokes. Call it telepathy if you will.
“Heart is all that matters”, roomie.

5 Roomie-Code That We Solemnly Swear To Follow


You be the cheesy romantic, emotional, crazy and sensitive person you always have been, since you are so rare to find this mechanical world.
You should know that despite all the craziness and meanest things we have said to each other, there’s nothing more valuable to me, than our friendship.
Our fights are a whole package from crazy to wild to emotional. We will always fight on who gets to turn off the damn lights at night. I will scream near your ears to wake up every morning at 7am, till death do us part. Oh great, since when did we become that old married couple?
Had you been a boy, I swear I would fallen on my knees and proposed you like a million times. Every girl needs a crazy girlfriend and I have got mine.
I know you are scared for the job placements in another 10 months and but worry not. You are going to be fine.

Your annoying room-mate


Mirudhulaa P

Hi there! I am Mirudhulaa and I am the last of the Time Lord.

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