5 Simple Ways To Avoid Procrastination

Team Storytap 2017-06-19

Life is like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, highs and lows but the road towards ones success is decided by an individual's take on life and the strategies followed. Procrastination is an act of constant delaying and postponing things. At certain point it becomes a necessity and an unavoidable action but ultimately becomes a part of individual's behavior in 80% of cases and that is where it becomes problematic.
Now the question arises under what psychological and mental conditions do we procrastinate and deliberately look for distractions. It is normally when an individual has no self control over the actions he or she performs and is in constant dilemma which task to favor over the other. A constant fear of failure leading to ideas gets blurred and takes on life getting dismal. As this is one of the most serious problems. We can easily tackle with this monster like problem in 5 simple ways.

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Procrastination

1. Live Now Do Now

One must follow this code while working in any sphere of life. Constant piling up of work leads to the state of dilemma and ultimately procrastination. Finish whatever work you have in the present and avoid any piling up.

2. Synchronization Of Work

Decide the order in which the tasks have to be performed. Prefer one where your interest lies for moral boost up.

3. Must Do Strategy

Before beginning a task develop a notion in mind that this has to be done under any circumstances. This will fill you up with positive energy and half your battle is won then and there.

4. Look Towards Your Positive Side

Instead of hovering your mind around the failures, try to remember your past achievements and think 'if that was possible why not this'. Nothing is impossible in the world of human existence. No individual is perfect it is only his zeal and ambitious attitude that leads him toward perfection.

5. Give Yourself Concised Time

Whenever you begin a task, decide a time frame for yourself. Like I will complete this task in 20 mins or accordingly as suited. This will increase your concentration and the throughput. Performing a task without a smart thought is like waste of time.

Procrastination is completely an internal process in most of the cases. Mostly it is the psychological mind set up which decide our action and so the most important thing is to stay calm and never bring the negative vibes in the unconscious or the conscious part of the mind. If a task needs to be done, do not think much and finish the task.

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