5 Struggles Of An Indian Girl

Mohini Sardar 2017-09-26

Being a girl in India is not EASY!! You have to think twice before doing anything (Phew!) That said, shout out to all the girls who are getting through these struggles on a daily basis. You go, girl- Slam the Patriarchy! Here are 5 such struggles that will make every girl go “SO ME!”

1. Clothing Issues

Admit it or not, but every girl has had clothing issues atleast once in a life. Wearing appealing dresses like short ones, short skirts calls for a lot of hassle in Indian streets as everyone keeps STARING like you're some alien from Mars! We all have that one clothing item in our wardrobe which we cannot wear because it comes with some baggage of it's own like- sleeveless, low neck or lbds! The struggle is real when you want to wear it but can't! * Cries in girlhood *

5 Struggles Of An Indian Girl


2. Traveling

There is huge difference in terms of traveling when it comes to boys and girls in India. Most girls cannot travel alone in the country. Even if some do, they have to be careful and scared all of the times. To top it all, getting permission from parents is another struggle. *Phew*

5 Struggles Of An Indian Girl


3. Restrictions, Restrictions And Restrictions!!!

Believe it or not, girls are restricted way more in India than boys. The scenario is the most irritating when a girl has a brother and sees him enjoy the things which she wouldn't be allowed to do. Every girl in India has thought, at least once in her life, about being a boy, just to enjoy life a little more freely!

5 Struggles Of An Indian Girl


4. Marriage!!!!

India is famous for it's big fat wedding!! Being a girl in India and staying unmarried in your 20s is like a curse as you will be frowned and questioned by people regularly about it. Neighbours and relatives would not let you live in peace if you are 20-something and unmarried. Pro tip: If you want to stay unmarried after 25, please leave India and shift abroad.

5 Struggles Of An Indian Girl


5. Expectations!!

A girl in India is expected to do so many things. She is expected to cook and not go out, she is also expected to act in a certain way. Serving other people is like the duty of an Indian girl. Doing what they want is a rare thing for Indian girls.
The daily struggle to meet such expectations from the society drains us all so much.

5 Struggles Of An Indian Girl


Just give the Indian girls a medal already for their daily innumerable struggles!!!


Mohini Sardar

A wallflower who likes traveling, reading, and dancing. Sports and quizzes are my other interests. Born and brought up in Kolkata, I have also practiced tennis professionally. I love watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and sleeping during my free time.

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