5 Unique Ideas For Your Next House Party

Mithila Mhatre 2017-06-05

House parties have to be well executed and perfectly unusual. So here are five unique ideas for your upcoming house party.

5 Unique Ideas For Your Next House Party

1. Flaunt Your Hat And Tie

If you possess creativity skills this idea would rock your party. Those wearing hat and tie would only be allowed to the party. Arrange some exciting contests like the most craziest hat or most weirdest tie. You can also play games like exchanging your hats with each other when the music is on and when it stops one who doesn’t have hat will do whatever everyone demands. Encourage them to be creative with the hat and tie theme. Surely your party will bring the quirkiest feel having pirate hats, cowboy hats, baseball hats, sun hats formal ties, bow ties, ascot ties and much more.

5 Unique Ideas For Your Next House Party

2. Lights Out

Adding scare and spook can spice up your party. Ask your guests to get flashlights but don’t reveal them about lights off. Having some spine chilling props will take your house party to another level of enjoyment. Flashlights would add great fun to your party and also would make dark less haunting. Games like hide and seek would just be perfect for the party.

5 Unique Ideas For Your Next House Party

3. Cutting Off The Network

In the world where everyone is obsessed with taking live video of the party, restrict cell phones for your party next time. Let all the cell phones be locked up in a secure place till the party is on. This will let you all literally skip the reality and interact with each other in real. This idea is not only innovative but also can be done at last minute.

5 Unique Ideas For Your Next House Party

4. Mogambo Khush Hua

If you have got a bunch of Bollywood buffs, don’t even give any other idea a thought.Ask everyone to dress as their favorite star be it hero, heroine or villain. You can put up Bollywood photo booth which will go well with Bollywood dress code. Also, you can give your house some Bollywood glamor. Having Bollywood songs in the background and playing various Bollywood games will be quite mindblowing. You ask also your friends to think of some quirky games suiting the theme in advance.

5 Unique Ideas For Your Next House Party

5. Follow The Clues

This can turn your house party out of the box. Planning treasure hunt at your house party can be absolute boredom buster. Finding the clues and hidden adventures within it can be fun as well as challenging. You will need to hide clues at right places hence you will need to work on this theme before the party. Keep this game as a surprise for your guests and announce some exciting prizes for it so that all guests participate with enthusiasm.

5 Unique Ideas For Your Next House Party

These ideas will help you to throw house party your friends would remember for a long time.


Mithila Mhatre

Mithila Mhatre is studying second-year Biotechnology degree in Jai Hind College, Mumbai. She and her team have been working on a research project and have presented it in various intercollegiate competitions. Her team had won the third prize for the project in poster presentation JIGYASA 2017. Also, she is a writer, dancer, and singer. She is an avid reader. She has worked with Explainoexpo and Rightskill, as a content writer. She is also the campus ambassador for PopXo and the social media manager for Actozen.

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