5 Ways You Can Earn Money On The Side

Vivek Singh 2017-08-22

Earning some extra cash on the side is something that anyone would love to do, especially college students, who can then use this cash for their daily productive activities (*wink*). In this article, we will list out a few ways in which you can earn some extra money.

5 Ways You Can Earn Money On The Side

1. Freelancing

Doing something you like and earning money from it may seem like a dream scenario, but freelancing makes this possible. Freelancing includes jobs like content writing, photography work, website designing, logo making, film making, and many more. These jobs do require talent and knowledge in their respective fields, but if you have these, then they can be a great way to earn extra money. Some popular freelancing sites are- Upwork.com, Fiverr.com, Elance.com, Toptal.com, Freelancer.in. These websites work well for and Indian user.

2. Online Tutoring

This is most suited to college students, who can use their past technical experience to teach other younger students and earn money. This a job where being from a reputed institute will work in your favour and may land you the job. Tutoring may include tasks like teaching students online, creating questions/papers, making educational videos, and more.

3. Investment In The Stock Market

This is something that is applicable for every person, regardless of their age. Anyone can dip into the stock market to earn some cash, as long as they know what they are getting themselves into. Investing in stocks, bond or options may come with its fair share of risks, but the potential rewards are massive as well. You may make use of site like zerodha.com to create virtual stock portfolio’s online and get a feel of the market before moving on to the real thing.

4. T-Shirt Campaigns

This is something which is more viable to college students. You can design your own T-shirts easily at websites like mydreamstore.in, paintcollar.com, etc. and sell them to the masses. Imagine the demand for custom made Game of Thrones T-shirts!

5. Other Miscellaneous Strategies

Other ways to earn money may be to start a blog, or a new YouTube channel. These two request significant investment in terms of time and require one to be creative, but the returns if a blog or a YouTube channel takes off are massive. Another way to earn money may be through fantasy sports, on websites like halaplay.com. Or, you may try your hand at twitter contests, especially the ones run by Amazon, Flipkart and other such e-commerce sites which offer good rewards for answering relatively simple questions/polls.


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