8 Types Of People In Every College Gang Ever

Mohini Sardar 2017-10-11

A college gang or squad is needed to make the College life even more memorable. In every college gang, you will find different kinds of people. They're all fun in their own way, nevertheless. Here are the types of people we see in almost all college groups of our times.

1. The Foodie

The first type is the foodie. This person is always hungry. It almost seems like this person is suffering from Polyphagia. Give them food anywhere and they will finish it off. Nevertheless, this person always finishes up the excess food of the group and helps prevent wastage, as food is their life!

8 Types Of People In Every College Gang Ever


2. The Chatterbox!!

Then comes the nonstop loudspeaker who just never stops talking. This person is the one who talks even when he/she eats. Never will they let others speak. They will constantly interrupt every conversation happening. Half the time, others don't even listen to the constant chattering done by this person. However, once this person becomes silent, the group becomes less lively too.

8 Types Of People In Every College Gang Ever


3. The Funny One

The third type includes the clown of the group. This person is in charge of making everyone laugh- rightly- the Chandler Bing of the group. He/she cracks self-depreciating jokes, double-meaning jokes and sometimes lame ones as well. Making jokes is the only thing the person does while in the group.

8 Types Of People In Every College Gang Ever


4. The Drama Queen/King

This person is known for his/her drama. He/she just cannot do anything without a bit of drama. Over excited , whiny, throwing tantrums are some of the things this person is associated with. Behaving like a normal person is something this person needs to learn. No matter what, this person adds to the entertainment quotient of the group.

8 Types Of People In Every College Gang Ever


5. The Silent One

Every group has a wallflower of it's own. This person notices everyone and everything but never says a word about anything. When this person starts talking, it's like a whole new world to the group. This person is always thinking, observing, never talking. He/she is the sensible introvert of the group adopted by his/her extrovert friends.

8 Types Of People In Every College Gang Ever


6. The Party Freak

Now comes the socialite of the group. This person is always into parties, hangouts, traveling and all other social fun activities. This person is the reason the group has planned and executed outings as he/ she is always encouraging the others to make plans. This person has all the time in the world and is ever ready for plans, no matter what.

8 Types Of People In Every College Gang Ever


7. The Nerd

The one studious boring person of the group. This individual is only known for three things- books, books and books!
Always occupied with notes, this person can truly be called the Hermione Granger of the group. His/her demand increases right before the exam when everyone wants to sit with him/her and revise. Also, this person helps everyone get the notes. A useful member indeed!

8 Types Of People In Every College Gang Ever


8. The Trouble Maker

Last but not the least, comes the person who is always associated with some issue or the other. This person creates almost all the problems of the group. From cancelling plans last moment, to not getting the things they're supposed to get for a party, this person always gives rise to trouble in the group. He/she is generally that person on whom no one can rely on due to their known deeds. Just make a plan and he/she will be ready to ruin it!

8 Types Of People In Every College Gang Ever


No matter how annoying or irritating these people might be to you, they all help in sticking the group together. They bring together different shades of fun to the group and make the college gang a squad to remember forever.


Mohini Sardar

A wallflower who likes traveling, reading, and dancing. Sports and quizzes are my other interests. Born and brought up in Kolkata, I have also practiced tennis professionally. I love watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and sleeping during my free time.

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