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Mithila Mhatre 2017-07-13

In the month of March Karan Johar tweeted the heart-warming message welcoming his kids into the world. He became proud father of twins through surrogacy, joining the lot of celeb single parents like Tusshar Kapoor

So if a couple/person decides to take up surrogacy route, it is important for them/oneself to understand the basics of this option.
Basically, surrogacy is opted when a couple wants a baby but is incapable of having it naturally, maybe as either or both partners are unfit medically to conceive. She then carries the baby for the entire term. There are two ways of surrogacy gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.
Gestational surrogacy is done using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), which create an embryo further carried by a surrogate mother till its birth. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother is not the biological mother of the child she carrying as her eggs are not used. This way helps the couple to create an embryo using their own sperm and egg.
Another way is traditional surrogacy where a surrogate mother is impregnated using father’s sperm and she shares genetic ties with the child.
On August 24, the Cabinet had cleared the draft surrogacy Bill with the aim of making the process and legality of surrogacy in India more transparent.
The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill prohibits commercial surrogacy, which includes stopping foreigners from commissioning surrogacy in India while making it illegal for single parents, gay couples and those in live-in relationships to opt for surrogacy.
The question arises is “Is surrogacy appropriate for us/me?” The conditions like absence of or abnormality in the womb or repeated pregnancy loss or repeated IVF failures can make you choose surrogacy.

When you choose surrogacy option finding right surrogate mother is very essential. Thus some of the points that should be kept in mind during this process is
1. The surrogate mother must be healthy and preferably in the age group of 21years old and 40 years old.
2. Along with blood pressure, sugar levels, thyroid, it is important to check her mental health also.
3. Appropriately the surrogate mother should have before given birth to a healthy baby.

In fact, Sushma Swaraj had announced that couples can also take the help of their close relatives after the Bill was passed. If you remember, in F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV series, the character Phoebe had become the surrogate mother for her brother’s triplets.
Though determining the success of surrogacy is difficult, some factors are relevant. They are surrogate mother’s ability to get pregnant, the age of the egg donor, the success of processes like artificial insemination and IVF.
The risk in this process is of transferring HIV and hepatitis. Thus screening of everyone involved in surrogacy involving artificial insemination and IVF is recommended.
Once the couple decides to take up surrogacy, in discussion with your fertility specialist, that a surrogacy arrangement is suitable for your situation, you must find a surrogate.
You should also be prepared to make the appropriate legal agreements. It is necessary that you build up a trusting relationship with the surrogate.

Mainly ten steps constitute surrogacy course 1. Initial Consultation about Surrogacy 2. Officially Becoming an Intended Parent which your actual surrogacy journey will begin 3. Screening and Selection Process for an Egg Donor 4. Screening and Selection Process for a Surrogate Mother 5. Medical Screening 6. Legal Agreements 7. Medical Process involving IVF or artificial insemination 8. Pregnancy 9. Legal Representation in order to establish parental rights 10. Birth of Your Child

The list of objectives of this Bill is the prohibition of foreigners from commissioning surrogacy in the country, which has repeatedly led to exploitation of women, particularly those in rural and tribal areas. The Bill, once executed, will help authorities to take action on the various surrogacy illegalities that are currently working across the country.
Many instances of childless couples of very advanced age opting for surrogacy and IVF are discovered. Thus guidelines are hoped that will help in preventing senior couples from opting for this.


Mithila Mhatre

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