9 Best Examples of Hypocrisy in India

Team Storytap 2017-07-18

All of us are aware of the number of hypocrisies that exist in our society. The 21st century generation does try its best to make the society get rid of these long held false beliefs but, ultimately gives up when there is no sign of even 1% improvement. Every other person seems to claim having more noble beliefs and higher standards than is the case. Here are some of the best examples of Indian hypocrisies.

1. Racism

It is not uncommon to read about racist attacks on Indians living in the western countries. All of us remain glued to such news and those planning to shift their base to those countries think twice after coming across such news. Infact, a lot is said and done by the media to reduce such attacks but, what about the racism in the country? Calling names to those belonging to the North-Eastern states of India or commenting on a South Indian’s way of living, all come under categories of racism and it’s really not okay to do that even if for fun purposes.

9 Best Examples of Hypocrisy in India


2. Cleanliness

Why blame the government or the authorities always about the state of hygiene in the public places? Why not do your bit? If all the citizens probably followed throwing garbage in the specific assigned places rather just anywhere and everywhere India would have been much cleaner now. The countries that look clean have had their residents do their bit.

9 Best Examples of Hypocrisy in India


3. Judging A Girl On What She Wears

Saree has remained to be the most traditional attire ever in India. If a girl wears a dress, say a one piece, it is vulgar and immediately questions are raised about the character of the girl. In some regions people raise eyebrows when a girl wears a top, jeans or skirt too and there starts all the judging.

9 Best Examples of Hypocrisy in India


4. ‘We Are Against Dowry But, The Boy My Daughter Will Marry Must Be Earning In 6 Figures’

Dowry in indeed wrong but, why expect the boy to earn so much. It is justified that you can’t just let your daughter marry any tom, dick and harry but why look at income as the primary criteria. Why not educate your daughter and make her earn that much before getting her married if money matters so much to you?

9 Best Examples of Hypocrisy in India


5. We Are Liberal But The Matrimonial Alliance Must Be In The Same Caste

This is specifically keeping in mind the arranged marriages. Families always search for the perfect match from the same caste as well as religion as theirs but claim to be seculars.

9 Best Examples of Hypocrisy in India


6. Bargain With Vegetable Vendors Or Auto Drivers But Never Hesitate Spending Huge Amounts On Expensive Gifts

There are people who give a lot of cash as tip in restaurants but will fight with auto drivers and vegetable vendors for a rupee. One common sight is when people after buying a lot of vegetables ask the vendor to give the coriander leaves for free. Sometimes even the ones with the latest high end smartphone in hand do so.

9 Best Examples of Hypocrisy in India


7. Ultimate Respect For Those Who Earn More

Students are always encouraged to study well and if they look at ways to become financially independent at a young age, elders ask them to focus on studies and not get distracted and those never ending lectures about how being greedy about money is dangerous. But, the moment a known person gets a job all the expectations pour in and there is huge comparison about who earns higher salary. The one who does is always respected.

9 Best Examples of Hypocrisy in India


8. And We Are Feminists But Leave No Stone Unturned To Exploit The Privileges That Come With Being A Woman

It’s highly disappointing to see girls do things because they can just get away with it.

9 Best Examples of Hypocrisy in India


9. Lastly, We Claim To Have An Open Mind But, End Up Giving Such Comments..

9 Best Examples of Hypocrisy in India


The examples can be never ending. It’s all in the mindset and only time will tell when can our society get rid of such hypocrisies. Let’s not forget our mistakes while we point out the same in others.

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