7 Best One Minute Life Hacks

Team Storytap 2017-04-20

We always look out for ways to make the most of our day. Tips here and there for finishing work come in handy. Hacks make our life simpler. Here are some easy to follow best one minute life hacks.

1. Always Leave A Book On Your Bedside Table

Reading before sleeping is a very good habit. It not only ensures a sound sleep, but also lets you forget the stress of the day.

7 Best One Minute Life Hacks


2. As You Start The Day, Set A Target

This makes you motivated to look forward to the long day ahead. You should concentrate your energy and focus on achieving the target.

7 Best One Minute Life Hacks


3. Unable To Arrive At A Decision? Flip A Coin Then!

Instead of wasting your time getting confused between choices, flip a coin to make a decision. You will see that you will know what you want when the coin is in the air.

7 Best One Minute Life Hacks


4. Block All Distractions During Exams Especially From The Internet

Use 'KeepMeOut' to block websites for a certain period of time. You will be able to better concentrate over the task at hand.

7 Best One Minute Life Hacks


5. Learn All The Basic Computer Shortcuts

This way you need not have to refer to books or ask someone for help while completing your tasks on the computer.

7 Best One Minute Life Hacks


6. Scared Of Public Speaking? Try Different Font Colours For Remembering The Speech Easily.

Maybe change the colour of the text every five sentences. Also always carry a bottle of water with you and take a sip when you feel extremely anxious. Collect your thoughts while drinking water.

7 Best One Minute Life Hacks


7. Prepare For Tomorrow The Night Before

Atleast keep things ready for the first tasks that you will be doing in the morning. You go to the gym, then keep the kit ready and near the door.

7 Best One Minute Life Hacks


Hacks definitely save us a lot of time and make us accomplish work easily.

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