Best Places To Have Butter Chicken In Delhi

Team Storytap 2017-08-12

'BUTTER CHICKEN/ MURG MAKHANI' - For all the non vegetarians out there this word would make your mouth flooded with water. Who doesn't like eating butter chicken? Ask any non vegetarian about their favorite dish and butter chicken will top the list. It is the staple dish for all non veg lovers which has its roots in Punjab. So all butter chicken lovers here are some spots in Delhi where you should actually go and have a munch.

1. Moti mahal deluxe- Daryaganj

To our knowledge Kundan Lal Gujral of Moti Mahal is the inventor of our beloved North Indian crush- BUTTER CHICKEN. With new outlets springing up THE LEGEND is still at the first position in race for its authentic Murg Makhani. One will find the correct balance of spices and sweetness which is enough to make anybody fall in love with their special Butter chicken. The silky chicken curry makes people re visit the place every time they crave for it. Pay Rs 410(half) and Rs640(full) for boneless otherwise it Rs390(half) and Rs600(full).

Best Places To Have Butter Chicken In Delhi


2. Kake da hotel- Cannaught palace

The place has incorporated masses to try on to their butter chicken. Most famous in CP it is always filled with a heavy crowd. Here, you will find the best butter chicken WITH BONES. 'Looks are deceptive', this holds truth when it comes to KAKE DA HOTEL. The appearance isn't good but what they store inside is comparatively better or say the best. Going through long queues is what you have to do if you want your tongue to linger upon your favorite butter chicken. Pay Rs240 (Portion), Rs380(Half) and Rs620(full) and enjoy the feast.

Best Places To Have Butter Chicken In Delhi

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3. Gulati Restaurant- Pandara Road Market

Serving since 40 years the restaurant is an ace provider of Butter Chicken. Various celebrities are regular customers of the place because of its bewildering recipe of butter chicken. Despite slightly higher prices the food outlet is worth visiting. Price listed on Menu- Rs550 for half and Rs790 for full.

Best Places To Have Butter Chicken In Delhi


4. Invitation- Ashok Vihar Phase II

Must visit for all butter chicken lovers. Pair your Murg Makhani with their another speciality Dal Makhani and Naan . Now you are ready to drown into the world of perfect meal! The Multi Cuisine Family Restaurant charges Rs 410 for half butter chicken and Rs750 for full.

Best Places To Have Butter Chicken In Delhi


5. Mugal Mahal- Rajendra Place

The butter chicken is famous for its creamy layers that would surely cut out the peace prevailing in your mind. The dish prepared is a treat to your eyes. Creamy gravy with chicken pieces will slip from your mouth to stomach leaving behind the sweet spicy delicacies in your mouth. Pay Rs410 for portion and Rs650 for half and grab the silky smooth dish.

Best Places To Have Butter Chicken In Delhi


Visiting the above listed places will definitely give you an exotic butter chicken experience. There are many more places in Delhi here you could enjoy the Murg Makhani but these 5 are a must visit for all butter chicken fans. So don't get lost into the dreams of the dish while you read this rather take your keys and drive yourself to any one of the spots listed above! BON APPETITE!

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