Garnering for Halloween' 17

Team Storytap 2017-10-31

So now that you know so much about Halloween, what comes next on the list? Of course, it is getting ready for the scary evening!
With NASA releasing a collection of spooky space sounds of howling planets and whistling helium to enhance our Halloween nights, why should we fall less in getting ready for the celebrations? Let us go through some ideas that will help us freak others on the eve of Halloween.

1. Dressing up Scary

You can always spare some of your daytime and plan a perfect Halloween night with your friends, but for procrastinators and people with super-busy schedules, here are some last moment ideas that you can quickly step up in.

2. Creepy Witches

Girls can always dress up as witches with a pretty short black dress or an elongated version of it. Finding a suitable hat will do the rest of the trick. While taking care of the makeup, make sure you do not go with your daily makeup. Make your eyes look spooky and shady with smudged black eye shadow, a broad liner, and a dark shaded lipstick.
For people who absolutely adore black, this is the perfect chance. Make sure your pair your outfit with perfect Black accessories to chant the scary effect.

Garnering for Halloween' 17


Garnering for Halloween' 17


3. Spooky Men

Boys who do not mind putting makeup on their face can always opt for the most trending character of all times- The Joker.
Vampires are always dashing and loved by everyone. It carries along a love-horror tale of its own kind. For such Romeo boys, you can always cast your spell on your favourite girl or your crush at the party. You can also try for a graffiti-themed monster.

Garnering for Halloween' 17


Garnering for Halloween' 17


If you want to look perfect and do not wish to self-experiment, you can easily walk into a shop and buy yourself a Halloween costume. Yes, you do not have to worry even if you are in Mumbai.A few party shops at Pedder Road, Crawford and Virar can help you get Halloween ready.

4. Celebrating Across the City

To go with the Halloween flow, some of the well known restaurants in Mumbai are offering ‘Bloodsucker’ and ‘smoke-skulled’ themed drinks. Restaurants at Malabar Hill are treating their customers with a special menu of Halloween spooky cookies and hazelnut fudge ghosts! A restaurant in Juhu is welcoming people to click selfies with their exclusive Halloween props. This is indeed fun! Isn’t it?

Garnering for Halloween' 17


Even for a festival not originated in India, we are pretty much influenced by the westernization. In a positive way, we can conclude that we Indians do not miss opportunities to celebrate every little moment around us, thus passing on and rejoicing the happiness with our fellow mates.


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