Here's Why Everybody Is Emphasizing On The Word DEPRESSION

Team Storytap 2017-06-07

A difference in the mentality of the people towards a psychological condition known as Depression. While India is very well known to dismiss any issues related to psychology, with the current exposure and generation, the outlook on the matter has changed relatively. Not only do people support treating mental illnesses but also people who have gone through depression come out and tell their stories to aware the other people about it.

Depression is not just being sad. It’s much more than that. It’s not just a phase…’s a mental breakdown which might seem very small to a second person but is in fact fatal for the one going through it. It’s an extremely dark, grey situation in someone’s life that it looks impossible to escape hence leading the victim into believing suicide is the only option.

With a change in nature, our country saw a change in attitudes towards people undergoing depression. New Foundations being opened, films being made, a list of do's and don'ts being circulated through social media, prominent personalities opening about their own experience with depression to our Prime Minister talking about this mental illness and how it needs to be taken care of. The emphasis that is being created on depression is because of the amount of people that fall prey to it. From students failing in exams and relationships to adults failing in life, depression seems to have conquered more than half the people at some point in life.

While the technicalities of depression are widely known, what people fail to understand is the emotional aspect of it. In a country like India, maximum people are either afraid to accept depression or are careless enough to ever help anyone else going through it. This puts the victim in all the more danger! India is currently rating high on the percentage of suicides that take place every year and that’s definitely something the country needs to worry about. A mental illness like this cannot be easily dismissed with one dialogue from a friend who asks you to just chill or forget about it or that it’s bad for your health. The patient honestly knows that. The thing that they don’t know is the fact that they can overpower their mind and beat depression. That’s what they need, an assurance.

So, help any person you think is in need of a counsellor and don’t worry if you’re the one going through it. I did too, but I came out of it with the help of the people around me and I’m sure you will too!

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