Our 5 Favourite Picks of 2016

Team Storytap 2017-06-23

Each year is remembered by some very remarkable happenings. As a new year comes, we get compelled to look back on the year that went by. It’s a delight to realize how good 2016 was overall. Here is a list of a few favourite things of 2016.

1. Amazon’s Echo Dot

Just when we were thinking that Siri and Cortana are all that we have for passing time, Amazon came up with an amazing idea of Echo Dot. It lets us shop, check the weather and even turn the lights on/off only with the help of our voice!

Our 5 Favourite Picks of 2016


2. India’s progress towards a cashless economy

The execution of the demonetisation drive proved how ambitious the Government of India was in making the economy cashless. Digital payment services were utilized in the best possible way. This will enable a transparency and prevent people from escaping paying taxes.

Our 5 Favourite Picks of 2016


3. Clothes rental start-ups

For a change, there were start-ups such as Rocksbox, Le Tote, Rent The Runway Unlimited that let us rent clothes and accessories. They let you try out all the latest styles out there without you having to buy anything and everything.

Our 5 Favourite Picks of 2016


4. Netflix in India

In January, Netflix finally came to India leaving the viewers spoilt for choices with shows to binge-watch. Later, last year Amazon also introduced its first video streaming service which is priced at Rs.499 a year.

Our 5 Favourite Picks of 2016


5. Pokemon Go

Undoubtedly, one of the most hyped games of 2016. It changed the gaming experience all together. People got addicted to it remaining glued for extended periods of time. Definitely the level of fame it reached in the first few weeks of its introduction to the market may never happen again but, it’s a game that won’t be forgotten for a long time.

Our 5 Favourite Picks of 2016


Indeed, 2016 was noteworthy. Let’s hope 2017 turns out to be as wonderful as the year that went by.

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