Perks Of Being An Extrovert

Vaishnavi Kamble 2017-09-20

Introverts are like the special little snowflakes that get all the attention they don’t want. We extroverts deserve a little limelight too, don’t we? Here are top perks of being an extrovert.

1. No Place Is Fun Place Without You

Walk up to the club, like waddup I got a bunch of jokes, and we can talk all day long, throughout the night. But seriously though, the party only starts when you show up.

Perks Of Being An Extrovert


2. No Flaws

You’re filled with flaws only if you believe so. You don’t care enough to hide your quirks or awkwardness. In fact, you will talk about them to everyone as if it’s something everyone relates to. Moreover you don’t worry about other people not knowing that you have other hidden talents. Other people don’t have to know how enormously huge your IQ is, or how profound you are with other languages.

Perks Of Being An Extrovert


3. Everybody Loves You

You’re the little ray of sunshine people would kill to be with. They all love you, and the way you talk, the way you laugh, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Those who don’t love you want to be like you. So it’s a win win.

Perks Of Being An Extrovert


4. You’re Always Okay!

People don’t have to worry much about you. Because you don’t sit quietly in a corner all by yourself, covered up in a hood, snorting muff out of your gloves. Hell no, because no one is worth knowing what a storm is inside this little ray of sunshine.

Perks Of Being An Extrovert



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