The Curious Case of Cleavage

Surbhi Gupta 2017-08-11

After the whole TOI controversy about Deepika’s cleavage, it was pretty clear that we live in a society obsessed with cleavages, and the question of “How much cleavage is good cleavage? ” is a tough nut to crack here.

As if women already didn’t have to deal with so many body image issues that even a plunging neckline became something she needs to be cautious about?

This new video by Book my Style literally talks about “How much cleavage is good cleavage?” and successfully takes a subtle dig at the issue. The video features Nil Battey Sannata actress, Swara Bhaskar and Pink actress Tapsee Pannu. Both have a history of standing up against body shaming.

In the video, they give a full-fledged lesson on what to wear at work, party, public place or even at your own wedding, with sarcasm of course. In the office, they both suggest that you wear the turtle neck to protect yourself from the stares of your colleagues. In a public place, they suggest you go for polo necks so that passerby’s do not get lecherous thoughts by looking at you, and at a club, wear a shawl of your mom or dadi to protect you from any kind of molestation.

The video though satirically, but sends out a very important message to its viewers. It ends with both the actresses telling all the women to flaunt their body irrespective of what people would think. They tell them to be proud of what they are and what they have. Watch the full video here:


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