The Exact Definition Of A Punjabi Wedding

Team Storytap 2017-08-31

Punjabi's are known for their fun loving and loud nature. The out hearted Punjabis do not leave any stone unturned in finding the ways of enjoyment. They are the real gems and no one better than they knows the ways to live a fully fledged happy life. Moreover, the Punjabis have a colourful culture and nothing better than a Punjabi Wedding could exemplify this. Here are few points everybody will notice during a Punjabi Wedding:

1. Dance Freaks

Dance is life for Punjabis. Just a single beat of Dhol can make them break the floor with their funniest steps. A Punjabi Wedding is incomplete without these Dhol Beats. Dance flows in their veins and a marriage without dance is just like tea without sugar. Talking about Dj, "Saadi Rail Gaddi Aye, Balle Balle and Tunak Tunak" are the staple dance songs for every big fat Punjabi wedding. Ask them to eat while they are shedding sweat on the dance floor, a NO is what you are going to hear. From the most dramatic to hilarious steps, you will be a spectator of everything.

The Exact Definition Of A Punjabi Wedding


2. Big Foodies

The weddings hosted by Punjabis are best for another reason and that is FOOD. The weddings have the best food in every sense. There is no doubt that Punjabis are big foodies. Without this spicy food they are never complete. And how is it possible that they do not provide 'The Baratees' with the best food by the best caterers. From tandoori chicken to Mutton dishes for non vegetarians , soya chaanp to sarson ka saag for vegetarians , they have everything placed on serving tables. Keep the North Indian food aside they even provide you with South Indian dishes at times. It would be better to not to talk about snacks as no matter how much tummy you have filled, there will always be a space for mouth watering snacks. Punjabis offer the best food menu in their weddings. As they are the sweetest and so are the desserts.

The Exact Definition Of A Punjabi Wedding


3. The OVER-EXCITED Relatives

The biggest thing to deal is the relatives. The "Khanna Ji ka Beta" has to be always linked with "Chopra Ji ki Beti" by certain matchmaker aunties. Others are busy in working on self employed duties. And the left overs are seen pointing out at the flaws in the marital ceremonies. Gossipers are everywhere. Keep the aunties aside and talk about cousins. I guess after the bride and the bridegroom they are the happiest ones as they earn through these ceremonies. They go crazy at nights before marriage cracking jokes about marital life. Basically, the wedding house turns into a hotel where the relatives , whom you haven't even met since 5 years find a place for themselves in some corner of your house.

The Exact Definition Of A Punjabi Wedding


4. Perfect Courtier

Wedding Outfits has to be perfect. Be it the Bride or her Groom,there is no room for the smallest mistakes even. Keeping the main party aside now comes the close relatives who seem to be more excited. They rush over the things to get a perfect combination of outfits to outshine them at each ceremony. You can never take the clothes for granted. Months before the shopping from Bride and Groom to the relatives gets started and doesn't seem to end even a few days before marriage.

The Exact Definition Of A Punjabi Wedding


5. Highly Spirited Ceremonies

From the Roka to and after Vidai, Punjabis follow a strict order of ceremonies. From the exchange of emotions to the exchange of gifts every small thing has to be kept a good eye up on. The long list of ceremonies comprise of

The Exact Definition Of A Punjabi Wedding

Maps of India

  • Roka and Thaka
  • Chunni ceremony
  • Sagaai or Engagement
  • Mehendi
  • Ladies' Sangeet + DJ night
  • Chooda Chadana (Bride)
  • Kalirey Ceremony (Bride)
  • Haldi Ceremony
  • Ghara Ghadoli (Groom)
  • Sehrabandi (Groom)
  • Ghodi Chadna(Groom)
  • Milni
  • Jaimala
  • Jaimala
  • Kanyadaan
  • Pherey
  • Vidaai
  • Mooh Dikhai
The list seems to hardly end. Punjabi's do not only seem big at heart but at the list of ceremonies as well.

Basically, Punjabi marriage is a mixture of unadulterated and unrestrained joyousness. With light hearted comedy resulting in heavy giggles and exchange of emotions, A COMPLETE PACKAGE OF FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT IS WHAT PUNJABI WEDDINGS ARE!

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