The Itch Of Fantasy: Khujli

Surbhi Gupta 2017-04-07

Did you ever think a women, your mother age would be well versed with the term BDSM or would have ever read ’50 Shades of Gray’?

Kind of appalling to think about, right! But this new short film ‘Khujli’ by Terribly Tiny Tales explores just that. It is about a middle aged couple who decide to explore their hidden sex fantasies. The film got insanely viral the minute it got out.

The Itch Of Fantasy: Khujli


The short film is about fifteen minutes long and is directed by Sonam Nair. It has the ‘woman of substance’, Neena Gupta and our very own ‘Bidoo’, Jackie Shroff.

Though the film is humorous, it talks about the one word we are afraid to talk about, SEX. It is a small step towards normalizing the nation of sex and fantasies in India.

After the husband finds a pair of pink handcuffs from his son’s room, their journey to exploring their own starts, how you ask? We cannot break the suspense for you, watch this kinky story below:


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