The Rise to Fame of The 'Man Bun'

Team Storytap 2017-03-13

If we had to pick the one trend among men that is making the maximum amount of waves, it would have to be the 'Man Bun'.

For the uninformed, the Man Bun (also called the 'bro bun', 'hipster bun' or 'dude bun') is a hairstyle for men, which has shot to popularity since 2013. It is quite simply long male hair which is tied into a bun. But somehow, in spite of its simplicity, it has shot to fame in these times of political correctness and gender equality.

Worn by men in China since 200 BC, the hairstyle has made a strange comeback in the world of fashion. Famous proponents of the Man Bun include footballer Zlatan Ibramovich, Oscar winner Jake Gyllenhaal and the very famous Brad Pitt.

The Rise to Fame of The 'Man Bun'

The craze is so rampant that there is an entire website - Man Bun Hairstyle - just dedicated to Man Buns, different types and tutorials as to how to sport one!

Much to the dismay of razor blade companies, facial hair and long hair is slowly replacing the preferred look of the clean-shaven, well kempt man. The hipster beards and twirled moustaches laid a solid foundation for the emergence of the Man Bun. But as the trend is gaining massive numbers, there is a fair amount of backlash as well. The internet has exploded with memes on the Man Bun and there are even some web comics that took a go at the trend. One such web comic that expresses some icy distaste at the popularity of the style is the Oatmeal.

The Rise to Fame of The 'Man Bun'

Source: The Oatmeal

All said and done, no matter what the opinions are, it cannot be denied that the Man Bun is quickly turning into a fashion phenomenon!

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