The Sweet Success Of The Sour Candy - Pulse

Surbhi Gupta 2017-09-08

I don’t know about you, but one of the highlights of the past year for me was Pulse candy. I used to eat up to ten a day, only to end up with a bad throat. But, I hardly cared, the tangy taste of Pulse was my new guilty pleasure. The tangy taste crossed a milestone of Rs.300 crore sales in just two years of its launch. Their numbers are not only way above the sales of other candies in India, but it has also crossed sales of primary biscuits like Oreo and Mars chocolate.

The Sweet Success Of The Sour Candy - Pulse


To do the math for you, 300 crore sales means, every Indian has tasted the candy three times. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

The most loved flavor of the candy is Kacha Aam, which means raw mango. Pulse mango is a hard boiled candy of raw mango taste i.e. tangy, but there is a catch. The candy is filled with powder(churan) that acts as a masala bomb that elevates the taste of the candy. This formula has made people go gaga over this candy leading to soaring sales.

They have launched more flavors like guava but none has reached the heights of the raw mango flavor. There are even plans to launch a Pulse mango drink with a similar tangy taste.

Apart from outdoor and in-shop promotions, Pulse did not invest much on the marketing front. It was the people who spread the word on social media. The dubsmashes, humorous gifs, pictures are what caught the eye of people. The loyal customers of the candy themselves engaged in digital conversations that led to an amazing organic reach of the candy.

The Sweet Success Of The Sour Candy - Pulse


The Pulse candy belongs to DS group, whose other two brands are tobacco based- Baba Elaichi and Tulsi. It was a pleasant surprise to even them to see the sudden burst of demand for Pulse. They had to increase production due to constant customer pull.

Pulse is a fine example of a product being the ultimate winner, irrespective of its marketing. The innovation and uniqueness led to such high sales of the candy that it broke even Coke zero’s sales records.

Keep up the good work, Pulse!


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