Tiny Tv: A Trip To Lost Childhood

Surbhi Gupta 2017-06-09

There a lot of times when I see kids just playing at a park freely, without any tensions or worries. And in those times I get a little envious of them (go ahead, judge me).I mean, I miss being that age, not that I remember much of that time. I do remember sitting in front of the TV whole day and just watching these amazing cartoons. I used to watch Tiny TV on Pogo, like all the other 90s kid, and all their cartoons were just so good! I can still re watch episodes and not be bored. Here are the top 4 that I really wish to make a comeback on TV:

Tiny Tv: A Trip To Lost Childhood


1. Pingu

As if I was already not fascinated with penguins, this cartoon took my obsession to whole new levels. The cartoon was based in an Iceland where penguins lived in igloos and had an awesome life! They went for jobs, cooked food, ate popcorn, lots of popcorn. The dialogues were an in Irish accent so I never really picked on what they said but that never came in my way of loving these snoopy little creatures.

Tiny Tv: A Trip To Lost Childhood


2. Oswald

An octopus that has a dog and is friends with a flower, penguin, butterfly and dino? Okay, now that I am writing this, it feels a bit weird but there was never a point where I felt weird about this cartoon when I used to watch it, ever! Oswald was the sweetest and he used to teach about manners and helping people. My favorite episode was when he made his garden into a restaurant for snails. Do you remember?

Tiny Tv: A Trip To Lost Childhood


3. Make way for Noddy

Noddy was a boy who lived in Toyland and had his own yellow car. He was always very helpful towards all his friends. I loved their theme song so much that I still memorize the lines clearly!

Tiny Tv: A Trip To Lost Childhood


4. Bob the Builder

Do you remember their tagline? Bob the builder, kar ke dikhaenge” Damn, we really had great memory back the. Bob the Builder was about building things together and overcoming obstacles. And the machines talked, yes, Dizzy, Lofty, Rolley, Wendy all were machines that had proper voices and helped Bob in his work.

Tiny Tv: A Trip To Lost Childhood


I am so nostalgic right now. Running to binge watch them on the internet right away!


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