5 TV Ads Around Women Which Will Definitely Bring A Smile On Your Face

Surbhi Gupta 2017-03-11

With the gender debate getting bigger and louder, brands are not leaving one stone unturned to show their support. They are making every possible move to support the cause of equality. Apart from this being a part of their social responsibility, they are also able to make a very strong emotional connect with the audience. Some of the advertisements have really hit the bulls eye and made us sit and introspect, while the others have used sarcasm to gently make us realise the gender bias. We bring to you the advertisements that have stood out and touched our hearts, portraying women in a light we all want to see:

1. Ghar Ki Captain By Tmt Cement

This ad is my personal favorite. It’s funny how constantly ignore the role of housemakers in our family for our whole life. The ad talks about her choosing family over her career is her choice. And how we all should realize the fact that it is as challenging as any other job and there are no leaves :P Watch it and cherish the importance of a homemaker.

2. Share The Load By Ariel

This ad started quite a stir in the country last year. It starts with a father visiting his daughter’s home and how he feels guilty of seeing her do all the chores by herself. He feels bad how he set up a bad example by never helping her mother in chores like cleaning or laundry. He then writes a letter to her daughter apologizing and promising her to help her mother in chores at home. Watch this sweet ad here.

3. Ungender By Elle

I did not realize a lot about myself until I watched this ad, this ad talks about how women are conditioned to behave outside. Its how our conscience tells us to cover our cleavage, not sit with open legs, keep hiding our bra strap or wear a stole at all times. The ad is very thought provoking and tells women to not care about all these inhibitions and let loose. Watch it here

4. Mom By Choice By Titan Raga

Breaking the unconventional image of a ‘mother’ , this ad talks about motherhood being a choice and not a sacrifice. The ad shows a pregnant mother giving a speech at a dinner party about what kind of mom she would like to be. She talks about her own mother and thanked her for being such a traveler, pursuing Ph.D at the age of 45 and never letting her dreams suffer. Watch the ad here :

5. Nayi Soch By Star Plus

Our society generally considers sons to be the successors of family businesses, but we never consider her a daughter doing the same. This ad features Amir Khan as a sweet shop owner who is doing great is business, thanks to his daughters. A friend comes up to him to praise his sons for helping him. He instantly corrects him and tell him that it is his daughters efforts that have helped the business. He calls his shop “Gurdeep Singh and Daughters”. Watch the ad here :


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