10 Mind Blowing Facts About Iphones

Team Storytap 2017-09-08

Apple’s creation of the iPhone has been a revolution in the smartphones market. Can you imagine the value of Apple’s shares, its about $ 673 billion. Since its very beginning, iPhone surprises its users every time with new features and facts. Whether you’re an android lover or iPhone lover, you’ll surely love these mind blowing facts about iPhone-

1. iPhone is “Designed in California” and “Assembled in China”

Yes, iPhone is not manufactured in the USA, surprising, no? And the reason is that the infrastructure and labour force doesn’t exist at the level of Apple’s operation. They are assembled by Foxconn in China and the workers are paid $1.78 per hour.

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Iphones


2. Idea Of The Iphone Was Developed In 1983

However, the first ever prototype of the iPhone didn’t look anything like the iPhone. It was a landline styled smart phone. Apple has started with the idea of iPhone very early.

3. Time In Iphone Ad

Don’t know if anyone of you ever noticed or not, every advertisement of iPhone shows the same time which is 9:40 am. The reason behind this is that the new product’s big revelation takes place about 40 minutes in presentation. To make it look more live, it shows 9:40 or even 9:41 sometimes, just to complicate it; smart people, huh?

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Iphones

4. Journey Of Apple Logo: From Terrible To A Classy One

Way back in 1978,the beautiful Apple logo looked awful. Following picture says it all about the journey of Apple’s logo to be classic.

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Iphones


5. The Name

Originally, the iPhone( when unnamed) was codenamed as “Purple” . They even called the headquarters the “Purple dorm”. This high class name “iPhone” was given later.

6. Smart Siri

The best friend of every iPhone user, Siri, is really intelligent. It stores everything you ask her for two years. Therefore, next time be careful to ask something. Moreover, she can wake you up after a short nap.

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Iphones


7. Brazil Is The Worst Place To Buy An Iphone

It costs almost double to buy an iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple couldn’t make their market in Brazil and the reason is that someone else owns the trademark in Brazil.

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Iphones


8. Iphone Can Survive The Fall Of 13000 Ft.

iPhone has really amazing stiffness. A skydiver lost his iPhone in mid air while jumping from 13000 feets. Although the screen was cracked, he can answer calls easily.

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Iphones


9. Retina Screen

Screen is the most expensive part of any Apple device. Retina costs approximately $29. That is the reason of expensive iPhones.

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Iphones

10. Singer Bono

In every iPhone device, you’ll find the U2 singer Bono. Bono infiltrated your iPhone a long time before.

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Iphones


One bonus point, iPhone was considered such a big revolution in the market that the Times magazine gave it the title of “Invention of the year” in 2007.

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