10 Things To Know About Yogi Adityanath - The Next CM Of UP

Tanya Dua 2017-03-21

The newly crowned CM of India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh is Yogi Adityanath who is already making headlines from the announcement of his name for all sorts of reasons. The controversial politician was not the first choice of BJP though everyone was totally in a state of shock when his name was put forward. Here are ten things which you need to know about him-

1. Yogi Adityanath a five time member of Parliament from Gorakhpur is the head priest of Gorakhnath Mutt who has never lost an election.

10 Things To Know About Yogi Adityanath - The Next CM Of UP


2. When his guru, Mahant Avaidyanath quit politics, Adityanath was elected for the first time as an MP in 1988. He was the youngest MP in 12th Lok Sabha.

3. Adityanath was born in present day Uttarakhand in 1972 to a Rajput family. His real name is Ajay Singh Bisht and has a B.Sc degree from H.N.B Garhwal University.

4. In 2002, Yogi Adityanath has founded Hindu Yuva Vahini – a outh wing which is quite active in eastern UP. The wing has been accused of instigating communal violence and were accused in Mau riots, 2005.

5. He has often been embroiled in several controversies; in 2005 he led a “purification drive” involving conversion of Christians to Hinduism.

6. In 2007, he organized a “non violent dharna” during a Muharram procession. In 2015, he declared that those who oppose “Surya Namaskar” should leave India.

7. Yogi Adityanath has several criminal cases against him. Some of the charges include rioting, attempt to murder, carrying deadly weapons, unlawful assembly and trespassing on burial places etc.

8. He is considered as the mascot of party’s Hindutva agenda who has often attracted people with his fiery speeches.

9. He always had a strained relation with RSS for creating a parallel organization.

10. Besides being a powerful and staunch leader, he was the most popular campaigner in UP after PM Narendra Modi.


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