6 Major Achievements of Yuvraj Singh

Team Storytap 2017-09-11

Yuvraj Singh, all rounder cricketer, a real warrior whether talking about cricket or life. The cricketer from Chandigarh has won many matches for India. Yuvraj Singh came into the Indian cricket team very early. However, he was not an excellent player when he started his career,but the potential his father, captain Saurav Ganguly and other player saw in him made him to this point. Yuvi is a national heartthrob on the field or off the field and had recently started another inning of his life with Hazel Keech. Below is the list of major achievements of Yuvraj Singh-

1. The Man With A Gigantic Score In Domestic Match

Before his selection in the national team, he caught the attention of the selectors in U 19 cooch behar trophy finals. Bihar set a large score of 357 and Yuvi individually made 358 for Punjab.

2. Success At Icc U19 World Cup

In 2000,India won the U19 world cup under the leadership of Mohammad Kaif. In this achievement of U19 cricket team, Yuvi played a highly significant role. He surprised everyone by his all rounder capabilities and ultimately applauded by the player of the tournament.

6 Major Achievements of Yuvraj Singh


3. The Six Sixes

Ah, this can never be forgotten, 36 runs in 6 balls only in 2007 ICC T20 world cup. Looks like Yuvi has some personal ‘dushmani’ with Stuart Broad. Champion Yuvi hit 6 sixes in a row; looks like a miracle, no?

6 Major Achievements of Yuvraj Singh


4. Fastest Half Century In T20I

- I think its completely obvious that when he can score 36 in 6 balls, then this award also goes to none other than Yuvraj. 50 runs in 12 balls and this half century has been still fastest half century ever scored. Conclusion- Yuvraj Singh is really dangerous to the bowlers.

5. 2011 World Cup: The Big One

A very exceptional performance by Yuvi in this tournament made him Player of the tournament again. Yuvraj Singh scored 362 runs at an average of 90.5 runs and took 15 wickets in the tournament.

6 Major Achievements of Yuvraj Singh

6. Clean Bowling Cancer

Okay, Not only cricket, but this man is an inspiration for life also, Yuvraj was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left lung during the 2011 world cup. In spite of, all the difficulties, he never lose hope and the result is as we can see. After he had completed his treatment, he never gave up to sports and came back with the same spark. Now, his charity YouWeCan is helping numerous patients having cancer.

6 Major Achievements of Yuvraj Singh


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