5 Major Achievements of Virender Sehwag

Team Storytap 2017-06-28

Virender Sehwag, a well known aggressive and catastrophic batsman retired from cricket on his 37th birthday. Virender Sehwag urf Viru is a cricketer holding Arjun award, Padma Bhushan and many more achievements. His cricket career has many peaks and valleys as well. Check out the achievements of Viru that makes him one among the best performing batsman-

1. Only Indian to score triple century in test matches

Virender Sehwag is the only Indian cricketer who had ever scored a triple century in test match. Another good thing is that doing the same twice. Yes, he had scored triple century, 2 times in test matches. One triple century was against Pakistan and another one against South Africa. He narrowly missed to make a record of three triple centuries in test cricket when he was out on 293 against Sri Lanka.

5 Major Achievements of Virender Sehwag


2. More than 150 runs in 11 consecutive tests

This golden period of Viru can’t be forgotten. Between Dec, 2003 to July, 2008, he scored 150+ in every match he played. Interestingly, all the centuries, he scored were more than 150. The unique sequence was- 195, 309, 155, 164, 173, 201, 254, 180, 151, 319 and 201. Undoubtedly, this can only be one and only Virender Sehwag.

5 Major Achievements of Virender Sehwag


3. Six on the first ball

Almost every batsman takes some time to set himself with the pitch, exception is Sehwag. In the ODI against Australia, India was chasing 360 to win, Sehwag came and surprisingly hit a 6 on the very first ball of the team’s inning. That’s why he is one of the destructive batsman ever.

4. Fastest ODI century for India

Breaking the record of Mohammad Azharudin of a century in 62 balls, Sehwag made a new one with the century in 60 balls during the match against New Zealand. This record was maintained till 2013 when Virat scored the century in 52 balls.

5 Major Achievements of Virender Sehwag


5. IPL 1000 and 2000 runs in least no. of balls

Do you think he is only good for 50 50 matches? No. He scored 1000 runs in IPL with 604 balls and scored his 2000th run with 1211th ball.

5 Major Achievements of Virender Sehwag


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