5 Reasons Why Dangal Has Been A Big Hit In China

Team Storytap 2017-07-07

Dhaakad movie ‘Dangal’ has become phenomenal in China. This sport biopic has become the first foreign and non Hollywood film in China to have such an enormous collection at the box office. During the promotion of re release of the movie in May, Aamir received a lot of love from Chinese fans and became most famous Indian, leaving behind Narendra Modi on Chinese form of twitter Weibo. Here are the reasons How Dangal made it big in china

1. Fan Following Of Aamir Khan

Thanks to 3 idiots and PK, the Chinese audience is connected too well with Aamir Khan. With the release of 3 idiots, Aamir Khan had become a sensation among Chinese viewers. Since their education system resembles to that of Indian system and therefore, strings of heart got connected. Consequently, due to this grown fan base, more people were going to see the movie. Surely, “Mhara Aamir kisi Hollywood Hero se kam hai ke”

5 Reasons Why Dangal Has Been A Big Hit In China

2. Emotions Above All

Any movie is liked by the audience only when they can connect to the story, to the characters, emotionally and enjoy it. Need not to say, Dangal was a flood of emotions and has touched the heartstrings of the Chinese audience. They felt very close to the film story. Many Chinese correlated it with any Chinese girl winning Olympic medal.

3. Entirely Different Concept

Chinese are seeing action movies based on martial arts and so for years. Unlike these traditional movies, Dangal is a biopic of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat who further trained his daughters and made them champions. It was a unique storyline; Many big budget movies like Bahubali couldn’t have a blast in China because they were made on the same plot as they have been seeing for years.

5 Reasons Why Dangal Has Been A Big Hit In China

4. Social Issues

Dangal enlightened various social issues which reverberated the mind of Chinese viewers. It has raised many questions on the functioning of society such as the idea of breaking gender biasing rules. It highlights the reality of the fight for the gender equality in India like China. Audience was hence deeply touched by the story.

5. China Box Office : A Big Market

Last but not the least, China has approx. 18000 screens and Dangal got a huge release on over 9000 screens, whereas in India, it was initially released with around 4500 screens. Therefore, anybody can see the potential of China in making any movie a massive hit.

Whether it is due to Aamir khan’s supporters or due to the connection between audience and story; undoubtedly, Dangal has made it a big big hit.

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