7 Things You Should Know About Ramnath Kovind

Team Storytap 2017-08-30

There’s another entry in the list of surprises by the duo of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, the announcement of a candidate for the presidential election, Sh. Ramnath Kovind. Ramnath Kovind has been serving our country for more than 2 decades in many ways. Here are some basic things you should know about our next may be president-

1. Background and Education

Born on Oct. 1, 1945; Ramnath Kovind is currently serving as governor of Bihar. He is basically from Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh. After he had completed his graduation in commerce, he studied law from Kanpur University.

2. A Lawyer

Ramnath Kovind is a lawyer by profession. He was a central government advocate in Delhi high court from 1977 to 1979; after which he became the listed member of supreme court in 1980. Since his enrolment with BCI, he has served high court and supreme court for about 16 years till 1993.

3. Political Journey

Kovind is a face of BJP since late ‘80s but basically, his political career started in April 1994 when he was elected as MP (Rajya Sabha) where he served for 12 years till March 2006. Further, he leaded the Scheduled Caste Morcha in 1999 for the welfare of marginalised. In the 2012 elections, he campaigned against Mayavati. He was close to AB Vajpayee and LK Advani. In the 2014 elections, when BJP won, PM sent him to Bihar as a governor.

4. Governor of Bihar

This appointment of Ramnath Kovind ran into controversies when the CM accused that he was not informed about this posting in advance. As Bihar governor, he has asked Tej Pratap Yadav, swearing in as a minister, to repeat the oath, because he has pronounced one word in a wrong manner.

5. Work For The Welfare Of Weaker Sections And Education

Kovind has fought movement for the marginalised communities against the central government during the short term regime of NDA. He has also emphasised on the development of better infrastructure for education in rural areas by helping in the constructing the buildings under MPLAD scheme.

6. Member Of Various Committees

Apart from experience of sitting on a constitutional post, Kovind has enough administrative experience as a member of various Parliamentary committees. He has served as a member of committees, namely
Rajya Sabha house committee (chairman)
Parliamentary committee for the welfare of SC/ST
Parliamentary committee on Law and justice
Parliamentary committee on home affairs
Parliamentary committee on social justice and empowerment
And many more.

7. Other Administrative Experience

Kovind has served as a member on the board of management of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar university, Lucknow. He was also a member of the board of governors of IIM, Kolkata. Furthermore, he has also represented India in United Nations and addressed the general assembly in 2002.

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