7 Tips To Clear Entrance Exams

Team Storytap 2017-09-13

Entrance exam is basically an essential step in all levels of education. These are used to determine that whether the student is qualified for any particular course or not. Whenever any student appears in entrance exam for any school, college or any kind of institutions, there is a lot of pressure on his/her head, an anxiety following their thoughts, too many questions like “will the exam be difficult?”, “How will I do it?” “what should I do properly?”, “Can I clear it in this attempt?” and so on. Don’t worry, all you need to do is to prepare well and follow some simple and obvious, yet important tips-

1. Prepare A Study Plan And Follow It Properly

A proper study plan is really important for proper preparation of entrance exams. Just plan everything like how much time you need to study everyday; which subject needs more devotion; which subject on which day etc. Making plans only doesn’t work until you follow it completely. Don’t procrastinate, you might leave some topics pending and you know the consequences. Check in advance whether you have done all topics.

7 Tips To Clear Entrance Exams

2. Analyse Yourself

Self analysis is mandatory. Keep track of your accuracy and speed simultaneously to solve the questions. Know what type of learner you are, how you can solve problems more efficiently. Therefore, analysis of self strengths and weakness is not only important for entrance but whole life. Group study also helps in every case, you can analyse yourself better while studying in a group.

7 Tips To Clear Entrance Exams

3. Practice, Practice and Practice !!!

Practice makes a man perfect. Solve as many problems as you can. Problem solving is essential for making it happen. These problems will make you think smartly and write more smartly. Try to solve mock tests, practice tests and all after the completion of your syllabus.

7 Tips To Clear Entrance Exams

4. Control Your Excitement And Nervousness

Always act, never react. Your temperament is crucial in handling the situation. Therefore, just control and don’t show over excitement and anxiety.

5. Calm Yourself Before Exam

Complete the whole syllabus before some weeks of the exam and focus on revision and practice and calm your mind before few hours of exam. Studying just before the exam could mess up things in your mind and ultimately, you will start forgetting things. Therefore, keep calm and chill out.

7 Tips To Clear Entrance Exams

6. Test And Motivate Yourself

I am saying this again and again, It is vital to test your skills from time to time. These tests will make sure that you are on the correct path and help you find out your weaknesses. You can take previous year question papers for this purpose and figure out on which aspects you need to concentrate more.

7. Never Lose Hope

Think big, dream big. Every battle is first won in mind. You need to be positive all the time and bring out your best. Losing hope is the worst mistake most of the students make during the exam as well as preparation time. If you think that exam is not up to your expectations, don’t worry and just focus your energy on solving as much as you can.

7 Tips To Clear Entrance Exams

Always just follow the simple formula-
  • Learn
  • Practice
  • Dedication/Commitment
  • Time management
  • High willingness

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