How About: Dhinchak Pooja Makes A Dhinchak Wild Card Entry To Big Boss Season 11 ?

Kavya Parag 2017-10-23

With the already humming rumors of the entry of Dhinchak Pooja as a Big Boss contestant set up the public in an unbelievable state, wherein the fans went mad with the news and the BIg Boss fans traumatized about their decision to watch the show or not.
Pooja Jain as her least known name goes, the artist quickly announces herself as Dhinchak Pooja for stage performances. The first wild card entry for the show when announced set the audience and the public on national television in a roar.
She introduced herself in a carefree manner to the audeince and Salman Khan speaking about her songs and her own style of composing and working on them.
With the already going trend of Dhinchak Pooja, let us know how she worked on herself and her songs to reach this peak of her career with millions of views on her YouTube songs.

How About: Dhinchak Pooja Makes A Dhinchak Wild Card Entry To Big Boss Season 11 ?

1. History

Pooja Jain was born in Uttar Pradesh and later moved on to New Delhi. She is not only a singer whose songs have a cringe pop element but she herself is the lyricist of those songs.

2. Launch Of Her Carrier

It is truly said that having friends who can help you grow up and achieve success in your lives are True friends. Same is the story with Dhinchak Pooja, only after much encouragement from her friend circle, she gained confidence in her singing and launched her first song in 2016. Her first song was 'Swag wali Topi' which is sung and written by her. Her next song was "Daaru Daaru Daaru' which also was flooded with negative reviews.
With this song, Pooja Jain entered the gang of Cringe pop songs in India. Her career graph raised exponentially with her next song which went viral across the entire social media. As soon as 'Selfie Maine leli Aaj' was launched, it dumbstruck the country's population. Social media were flooded with reviews for this song and this flooding media helped her hit a score of 25 Million views on her YouTube Channel. Not only this, she also earned something around 7Lakh rupees from her viral videos.
The latest song that hit the media was 'Dilon ka Shooter' which was nothing different from her other songs.

How About: Dhinchak Pooja Makes A Dhinchak Wild Card Entry To Big Boss Season 11 ?

3. Controversies

Pooja Jain shot the video for 'Dilon ka Shooter' dressed in a bright pink and riding a dark red scooty on the main roads in Delhi. The Traffic Police in Delhi has thus decided to take action against her for breaking the basic Traffic and safety rules by not wearing a helmet.
With the next claimed controversy, people were in a state of dilemma as to disappoint oneself or cherish?
Due to copyright issues, a person named Katthapa Singh reported her videos namely 'Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj' and "Swag Wali Topi'. these videos were soon deleted from her YouTube account and "Dilon Ka Shooter' stayed on public demand.
As soon as the trailer of Aamir Khan's 'Secret Superstar' came out, Pooja filed a copyright Violation against him. According to her, the trailer portrays the story of a girl who became a YouTube sensation overnight which is her own biopic. She asked Aamir Khan to pay her royalty or face non-bailable charges.

How About: Dhinchak Pooja Makes A Dhinchak Wild Card Entry To Big Boss Season 11 ?

It is strange how the media holds such an important role in making someone a superstar just by placing negative reviews and rewatching her YouTube videos. Good or bad, one can certainly not deny that once heard, her songs will never stop ringing in your ears. Let us see how far this Big Boss 11 contestant goes with her incredible cringe music talent and popularity.


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