Story Of The Electrocuted Tigress

Kavya Parag 2017-11-06

Imagine living in a village which is currently haunted by a rogue tigress that aims at killing innocent lives of people around her!
One such tigress killed 4 people and injured other villagers after it was shifted to Bor sanctuary. It had a similar history of killing people. It seems as the taste of the human blood turned sweet for the tigress and hence went on attacking more.

1. Kala- The Threat

The named tigress ‘Kala’ before being killed was shifted to a rehab after she killed two villagers from her place of origin in Brahamapuri Forest, Chandrapur. This tigress had been killing villagers since the last year and hence was a threat to everyone in her area of saunter.

Story Of The Electrocuted Tigress


2. Action Against The Threat

The Maharashtra forest minister Sudhir Mungantiwar had issued an order to kill this tigress at the very first sight by shooting her. However, the forest department did not follow this order and believed in tracking her.
The resident villagers of the area were so scared that they had stressed on the fact that the tigress should be killed. If the following action is not taken then they would themselves proceed in killing the big cat.
Upon this, the state forest headquarters said that they would first track and tranquillize the cat. If this would not work then would have to opt for the last action, to shoot her
A joint effort was taken by the villagers and the forest officials to track the cat. The forest officials also decided to camp in the forest area to have a better look out of the situation.

Story Of The Electrocuted Tigress


3. Inhuman Death

Before any of them could locate the tigress, she was found electrocuted in a farm. Bhagwan Tekam, a farmer who had set up the electric fence to protect his farm from unwanted stray animals from lingering in his field, found this dead animal by the fence.

Story Of The Electrocuted Tigress


With India being home to almost 60% of the tiger population across the world, such a case is indeed disheartening. At least 67 tiger deaths are reported in the present year 2017 some of which are because of inhuman activities, illegal killing of wildlife and poaching for trade.
For cases when the wildlife becomes a threat to the population, the situation becomes very sensitive if to save the animal or save the human life. The main aim can be achieved when the officials try to maintain a balance by harming neither of the sides.
This incident was a moment of joy for the villagers who celebrated the death of the man-eater tigress but for the forest department, the death count of tigers just added up


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