10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp

Team Storytap 2017-08-18

Although New messaging apps are released every other day, WhatsApp has retained a space in million hearts which can’t be replaced by any newcomer. Moreover, People love the simplicity and reliability of WhatsApp. If you think WhatsApp is really simple and lacks many features, then you are totally mistaken. It has many features buried within, but the thing which makes it simple is that these features are out of direct sight. Whether you are a new user or an addict from a long period of time, surely you will be missing some of the features. Here, we have listed some hidden features of WhatsApp which you must try once-

1. Hide Those Blue Ticks

Blue ticks can lead you to a whole world of trouble. When you accidently click on any conversation and can’t reply back, the person on the other side may think that you are ignoring him/her. But, do you know, you can hide blue ticks and the person on the other side will not know whether you have read the message or not. Go to Settings-> Privacy and turn off Read Receipt.

10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp 10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp

2. Highlight Words

It happens sometimes that we want to highlight some special words, but we have no option to do so, do we? Yes, we do have a method to highlight the words. Add ‘*’ symbol on both sides of the word and the word will appear bold; similarly, add ‘_’ on either side and it will be italicized; other option is to add ‘~’ and it will be appearing as a cut on the word known as strikethrough. You will better get it better by seeing the picture below

10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp

3. See When Your Message Is Read

Blue ticks can tell you that the message has read by the person. Do you want to know the time when the person has read the message. Long click on the respective message to select it and click on the info symbol given at the top and you can get the information about when it was delivered and when it was read. In case of audio message you can even know when it was played for the first time.

10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp

4. Mute The Offending Group Chats

Sometimes the group chats are really annoying and they don’t let you sleep at night. Luckily, WhatsApp gives a feature to mute a specific chat only instead of muting the complete phone volume. Select the group and press the mute button and you will be able to mute it for 8 hours or 1 week or even 1 year.

10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp

5. Get Shortcuts To Chat

There are some people with whom you chat more often. It is a good idea to add a shortcut on home screen rather than opening and closing WhatsApp again and again. Add shortcut to home screen by opening the specific chat and then option menu. The profile picture of the person will appear on the home screen as a shortcut.

6. Save Your Data

Yes, you can lower the data usage by restricting the auto download of media and selecting low data usage to minimise the amount of data during WhatsApp call.

10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp

7. Star Messages

You need to remember some information or any specific message. Instead of scrolling down the whole chat, all you need to do is to star that message. Tap and hold the message and press on the star icon.

10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp

8. Use Custom Notifications

There might be some contacts you want to be notified immediately if they are messaging or calling you. To make sure that those contacts are not blended in the crowd, you can use custom notifications. For this, Open the specific chat and tap on the name of contact at the top and finally, enable the custom notifications.

10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp

9. Show Your Status To Chosen Few

Status is a great way to let multiple people know about something at the same time. But, what if you don’t want to show your status to everyone. Don’t worry, WhatsApp has given a way for this. Go to Setting -> Privacy -> Status. We can select the contacts with whom we don’t want to share the status or the people you want to share with.

10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp 10 Hidden Features Of Whatsapp

10. E-Mail A Conversation

Don’t want some chat to be deleted accidently, e-mail the specific chat to access the chat anytime, anywhere. To backup the specific chat, go to the chat and press the three dot on top right corner of the phone and a popup menu will appear. Tap on more -> Email chat.

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