11 Things You Should Never Say To A Programmer

Team Storytap 2017-09-20

The demand for programmers has increased due to the digital age. Programmers can make sense out of anything. This is because they are adept at converting almost everything into a computer program. The success of any business is definitely determined by some good programmers. The work is undoubtedly hectic and often these people end up being sleep deprived and coffee addicts. But, ultimately they do some really productive work. Every job has its own tensions and so does programming and hence, here are a few things a programmer must never be bothered with..

11 Things You Should Never Say To A Programmer


1. Can You Repair My Computer/Laptop?

Programmers are trained to deal with the software related issues. In layman terms, they deal with the things inside the machine unless ofcourse they come from an electronics background (many don’t). So, please stop treating them like your go to person for every other problem with your hardware such as CPU, mouse, keyboard.

2. I Know A Bit Of Coding Too.

There is nothing like ‘a bit of code’. Either you know most of it and will be able to learn those things that you don’t know and you do it all by yourself, else just get someone else to do it for you.

3. You Are So Addicted To Coffee.

Not every programmer is. It’s a stereotype which most programmers don’t mind. Anyways caffeine is known to act as a fuel for our mental energy and programming requires a lot of concentration. A lot. So maybe that’s why most programmers get addicted to it. What’s wrong with that?

4. You Can Code? But, You Are A Girl! Can you do it correctly?

Do you know who established the foundation of coding? Ada Lovelace. She wrote the very first computer program and was one of the brightest mathematicians ever. Moreover, it’s 21st century and women are at par with men in every other field. And who said programming is just meant for the guys?

5. Can You Change This Backdrop? (After The Change Is Done) Oh Wait, Can You Go Back To The Previous One? I Think I Liked That Better.

It takes a lot of effort on the part of a programmer to make the changes. Don’t give them headache by constantly moving to and fro in the decisions that you make. It’s indeed difficult to make the necessary optimizations so that the code adapts to the new changes. Decide properly about the exact changes that you want. This saves a lot of trouble for the programmer.

6. What Does Your Code Do Exactly? Explain Me Now.

Are you yourself a programmer? If no, then, never ever ask this. Because you will never get it. Programming is complex. Without the basic knowledge of the necessary concepts you can never comprehend or understand anything about codes. Infact, the programmer you will ask this question to, herself/himself won’t know from where to start. Reaching the desired results in programming requires the satisfaction of countless conditions and inestimable loops and it does get mind-boggling.

7. What Exactly Do You Do?

Programmers are not just a bunch of computer nerds staring at the screen for days at end. You may think they are doing nothing. But, do you know the web and the apps that you use as you while away your time, are often developed by them?

8. I Have A Presentation Tomorrow. Can You Make A Unique Powerpoint Presentation For Me So That I Score The Highest?

Powerpoint presentation is extremely extremely trivial compared to programming. If anything needs to be done on the computer, then, that doesn’t mean that is what programmers do.

9. Can You Hack This (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Etc) Account?

No, hacking is not easy. If programmers can hack any account with ease, then, whatsapp, facebook, etc would not be functioning so well for so long.

10. Why Is It Taking So Long?

Because it is not arranging software in order and then, making it work just with a click. It takes time for the codes to shape up and make a feature work. Understand!

11. I Heard You Are Good With Computers, Can You See What Is Wrong With My Microwave!

All machines are not the same. It’s like asking a psychologist to diagnose your physical ailment or asking a police officer to do the work meant for an accountant.

Little knowledge is dangerous. Don’t make assumptions about programming if you know nothing about it. It requires a lot of brains to work with codes. So next time you meet a programmer refrain saying the above mentioned things to them if you want to spend some genuinely good time with them. Lastly, remember that a programmer is someone who deals with design principles and algorithms and not the one meant for repairing computers!

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